How Social Justice Movements Are Dealt With: infiltration, violence and other strategies of the police state

Cops Stage Fight at Protest to Protect Identities of Undercover Officers – Cryptogon 11/9/08


Three states subjected to ‘martial law sweeps’ – InfoWars 4/18/08


Law enforcement agencies join together for ‘anti-terrorism initiative’ – Commercial Appeal, Memphis 4/18/08


Protest Peacfully And get Charged With ‘Conspiracy to Riot in Furtherance of Terrorism’  – via MParent 9/4/08


Sorry, Whistleblowers, You’re on Your Own – Center for Media and Democracy 9/4/08

The U.S. Labor Department has only “ruled in favor of [corporate] whistleblowers 17 times out of 1,273 complaints filed since 2002,” and has dismissed 841 cases.


Arrests for War Resistance Increase Again – Dissident Voice 6/19/08


How the Government Spies on and Prosecutes Peace Activists – Global Research 10/30/08


RoboCops: Professional Policing of Political Protest – Global Research 10/9/08


Robert Schwartz : A Serious Blow to the Rights of U.S. Workers: NLRB Limits Political Strikes – CounterPunch 10/3/08


Senate boosts funds for laser weapons – Raw Story 9/22/08


Taser creates crowd control weapon – BlogTown 10/7/08


Sheriff begins taking away concealed weapons permits – Orange County (CA) Register 10/9/08


Farm Radio Broadcaster Gets the Boot After Exposing Monsanto’s ‘Goon Squads’  – Alternet 5/9/08

Derry Brownfield was a veteran of farm radio reports, until he went after Big Ag and its Mafia.


The Courage of Rachel Corrie – Alternet 5/26/08


City Room: Police Agree to Revise Crowd Control – NYTimes 4/15/08

The agreement, which formalizes a judicial injunction issued in 2004, will ensure that protesters will not be trapped inside pens surrounded by police barricades, among other changes in procedure.

Prominent Austin Activist Admits He Infiltrated RNC Protest Groups As FBI Informant – Democracy Now! 1/6/09

An Austin-based activist named Brandon Darby has revealed he worked as an FBI informant in the eighteen months leading up to the Republican National Convention. Darby has admitted to wearing recording devices at planning meetings and wearing a transmitter embedded in his belt during the convention.

Coulter advocates punching female protesters ‘in the yap’ – Raw Story 1/7/09

Ex-Italian President: Provocateur Riots Then “Beat The Shit Out Of Protesters” – PrisonPlanet 10/30/08

Cossiga says Italian government should “do what I did” under Operation GLADIO – infiltrate protest groups with agent provocateurs

To Cut Down a Rebellion – Dissident Voice 10/21/08

Colombian riot police surround thousands of indigenous and labor activists in Cauca, in southwest Colombia. The number of protestors remains around 10,000, and has been that high for a week

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