Handbooks and How-To Links for Activists
January 28, 2009, 8:15 pm
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The Transition Handbook: Community Resilience in the Face of Peak Oil – Treehugger 2/27/08 

Counter Corporate Schemes with Community Planning – Dissident Voice 10/30/08

Van Jones: How We Can Lead Our Country Out of Crisis – Alternet 10/23/08

Green “How-To” Community of Creative Citizens Launched – Treehugger 5/27/08


A Handbook for Guerrilla Gardening – Treehugger 4/28/08


Community Environmental Health Toolkit Now Available Online – Treehugger 7/30/08

A Community Guide To Environmental Health (Guide), published by Hesperian and now available online, is one of the most comprehensive guides empowering communities to deal with environmental health issues in the 21st century.


HOWTO start a flashmob – BoingBoing 4/28/08


Culture jamming for the masses – CNet 3/28/08

Improv Everywhere pulls off comedy “missions” on a regular basis, spreading its message via the Web. Now the world is following its example.

A Tactical Suggestion for Future Demonstrations – Dissident Voice 8/30/08

Jeff Cohen : What Indy Media Heroes Can Teach Us – CounterPunch 11/13/08

HOWTO Blend in with a crowd – BoingBoing 5/22/08

HOWTO Lie to authority figures – Boing Boing 5/19/08

How to ZAP a Camera: Using Lasers to Temporarily Neutralize Camera Sensors – Naimark and NYTimes 10/02

HOWTO detect hidden video cameras – Boing Boing 5/9/08

Manuel Garcia, Jr. : Don’t Get Burned: How to Protect Yourself From Raytheon’s Pain Gun – CounterPunch 6/2/08

OPEN SOURCE WARFARE: Cyberwar – Global Guerilla 8/15/08

Breaking into a power station in three easy steps – CNet 4/8/08

Nonviolence Is The Right Choice—It Works – The Progressive 10/30/08

One Hundred DIY Skills Everyone Should Have [DIY]  – Popular Mechanics via Lifehacker 10/4/08

100 items to disappear first in a crisis – The Power Hour

Nancy Oden: Survival Tips for Hard Times – CounterPunch 1/28/08

How to Survive in the Wild for 72 Hours – Popular Mechanics 1/24/08

Crashstead Survival – Personal Preparations – Survival Acres 9/9/08

Busted: The Citizen’s Guide to Surviving Police Encounters – Alternet 11/7/08

A video guide for how to exercise your constitutional rights during encounters with police.

Save Your Life in an Emergency with Common Objects and Smarts [Emergency]  – LifeHacker 6/14/08

Reader’s Digest lists 12 life-or-death situations and the actions you can take to save yourself when you can’t count on aid from anyone else—including some advice that might surprise you.

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