News on Our Men In Uniform: Killers Protected; Protectors Killed

Canada, U.S. agree to use each other’s troops in civil emergencies – Global Research 12/26/08

The US Has 761 Military Bases Across the Planet, and We Simply Never Talk About It – Alternet 9/8/08

Some U.S. Combat Troops To Be Reclassified – Global Research 12/23/08

US to double military forces in Afghanistan – Global Research 12/23/08

Army Officials Say Many More Active-Duty Troops Are Needed – Washington Post 12/25/08 

Study: Marines full of ‘drunk, horny’ teens – Raw Story 1/6/09 

To boost recruits, US Army relaxes weight rules – Christian Science Monitor 1/5/09

Nazis in military: ‘Proud of my kills’ – Raw Story 12/14/08

Racial Extremists Are Infiltrating the Military for the Chance to ‘Kill a Brown’ – Alternet 12/15/08

Guard to continue patrolling New Orleans (AP)  – Yahoo 12/20/08

Report: $40b needed to expand Army – Raw Story 12/22/08

Increase needed above current spending levels for planned 1.1 million troops.

IED threat known before war – Raw Story 12/9/08

Report: Pentagon aware of threat, did little to better protect troops.

How the U.S. Army’s Field Manual Codified Torture — and Still Does – Alternet 1/7/09

CBS: Iraq contractor ‘knowingly exposed troops to toxin’ – Raw Story 12/23/08

NBC’s “One-Man Military-Industrial-Media Complex” – Alternet 12/8/08

As a consultant for military contractors, retired general and Pentagon pundit Barry McCaffrey is a first-class war profiteer.

America’s Child Soldiers: US Military Recruiting Children to Serve in the Armed Forces – Global Research 12/23/08

Kids Learn that Killing Is Fun at the Army’s Lethal New Theme Park  – Alternet 12/19/08

The Army’s new recruitment tool lets high-tech video game centers desensitize, condition, train and even enlist America’s youth.

Army Wages iPod Warfare in Baghdad – Wired 12/16/08

 The Moral Legitimacy of Refusing to Fight in an Illegitimate War – Alternet 12/27/08

Military adapting Nintendo Wii to control combat robots – Raw Story 12/26/08

War Resister Kimberley Rivera & Family ordered to leave Canada – Global Research 1/6/09

Vets Used In Military Experiments Sue Government – via Cryptogon 1/9/09 

Interview: She’s home from jail, but Lynndie England can’t escape Abu Ghraib – Guardian, UK 1/2/09

Army investigates recruiter suicides – Raw Story 1/3/09

Fifty percent of recruiter suicides since 2001 happened in Houston.

The Failed Logic of Supporting the Troops – Global Research 12/14/08

AP Newsbreak: War vet widows wrongly denied help (AP)  – Yahoo 12/13/08

I’m not killing nobody no more – via Metafilter 1/8/09

Three US veterans testify. Also, Shministim. Utah Phillips on pacifism. A First World War Christian Conscientious Objector Remembered.

War Vet, 50, Stunned By New Deployment  – WMSV, Tenn 12/31/08

A veteran who has been out of the military for 15 years and recently received his AARP card was stunned when he received notice he will be deployed to Iraq.  Involuntary recall allows the military, regardless of age or how long someone has been out of service, to order vets back into active duty….”Right now, I’m just in disbelief because it’s like the disbelief that this could be happening 15 years after being out of the military. It’s like a dream or a nightmare,” said Linda Bandel. 

The veteran is dusting off his old uniforms and torn between his duty to his country and obligations as a grandfather.  “I certainly never thought I’d be going back there at this point in my life,” said Paul Bandel.  The last missile system the veteran was trained to operate is no longer used by the military.  Calls to the Army and the Pentagon about how many men and women in their 50s are being called back to duty were not returned Wednesday.   Paul Bandel will be deployed overseas until 2010. His wife plans to move in with her elderly parents until his return.


Survey: 98% of ER doctors suspect excessive police force  – USA Today 1/9/09

US police could get ‘pain beam’ weapons – New Scientist 12/24/08

Prominent Austin Activist Admits He Infiltrated RNC Protest Groups As FBI Informant – Democracy Now! 1/6/09

An Austin-based activist named Brandon Darby has revealed he worked as an FBI informant in the eighteen months leading up to the Republican National Convention. Darby has admitted to wearing recording devices at planning meetings and wearing a transmitter embedded in his belt during the convention.

Another Botched Drug Raid: Officers Shot, Mistaken for Burglars, No Drugs Found – Stop The Drug War 1/4/09

New Orleans cops shoot man in back 12 times – Raw Story 1/9/09

Killer BART cop resigns – Raw Story 1/7/09

Videos: Oakland protests turn violent after police execution – Raw Story 1/8/09

New video shows BART officer shooting Hayward man in the back – ContraCosta Times 1/4/09

While the man is lying face down on the ground, one officer appears to be seen pulling out a gun and firing a single shot into his back.

Sheriff jailed over $$$ meant for inmate meals – CNN 1/9/09

A federal judge ordered a north Alabama sheriff jailed earlier this week, saying the lawman intentionally served jail inmates “woefully insufficient” meals in order to pocket more than $200,000.

More Groups Than Thought Monitored in Police Spying – Washington Post 1/3/09

The Maryland State Police surveillance of advocacy groups was far more extensive than previously acknowledged, with records showing that troopers monitored — and labeled as terrorists — activists devoted to such wide-ranging causes as promoting human rights and establishing bike lanes.

Intelligence officers created a voluminous file on Norfolk-based People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, calling the group a “security threat” because of concerns that members would disrupt the circus. Angry consumers fighting a 72 percent electricity rate increase in 2006 were targeted. The DC Anti-War Network, which opposes the Iraq war, was designated a white supremacist group, without explanation….The operation has been called a “waste of resources” by the current police superintendent and “undemocratic” by the governor.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Former drug warrior ‘stings’ crooked cops – Raw Story 12/30/08

The Taser Myth: How Does a ‘Non-Lethal Weapon’ Kill 400 People? -Alternet 12/13/08

CAUGHT: D.C. cops stole from Toys for Tots – Raw Story 12/27/08

Naked man fights Harris deputies; dies after Taser shocks – Houston Chronicle 12/24/08 

Police say vet made, sold IED’s to gangs – Raw Story 12/26/08

Decorated Iraq veteran charged with selling IED’s for as little as $100 each.


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Great News for U.S. Troops in trying times!!!

The David H Brooks foundation for wounded American Troops.providing health care,phisical therepy,medications,finance relief and housing assitance for wounded soldiers. Thank you David H Brooks

Comment by warren peace

What a surprise – I thought David H Brooks was in prison for all the damage he’s caused. The man pocketed over $185 Million, while his ‘life saving’ body armor was being recalled! So now David H Brooks is a reformed war profiteer who only wants to help? It’s hard to swallow.

More on the rise and fall of David H Brooks, the same guy who spent $10 million on his daughter’s 13th birthday, featuring Aerosmith, Stevie Nicks and more…

Comment by hope2012

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