Latin America News Round-Up
January 16, 2009, 9:57 pm
Filed under: International news, Latin America, news, politics

Bolivian President Evo Morales: 20 Ways to Save Mother Earth and Prevent Climate Change – Alternet 12/15/08

Competition and the thirst for profit without limits of the capitalist system are destroying the planet.

Cuba offers direct talks with US – BBC 1/3/09

Brazilian taskforce frees 4,634 slaves after raids on remote farms – Guardian, UK 1/2/09

Brazil, Russia, India and China: BRIC Nations Expected to Drive 70% of Global Growth – Global Research 12/27/08

Mercenaries Playing Increasingly Prominent Role in Latin America – Alternet 12/26/08

Mercenaries hired by private military and security companies are playing an increasingly broad range of roles in Latin America. 

Colombia Spies on Fellowship of Reconciliation and Other Human Rights Groups – The Progressive 12/24/08

The Global Crisis and Mexico – Global Research 12/24/08

Soldiers arrest police chief at cockfight – Raw Story 12/25/08

Soldiers arrested the deputy police chief of a Mexican resort town and six other officers who were allegedly protecting drug cartel members at a cock fight, the Defense Department said Thursday.

Latin American Debt Legitimacy Under Scrutiny – Forbes 12/24/08

Hundreds of Brazil’s eco-warriors at risk of assassination, according to new report – Guardian, UK 12/21/08

50 years after revolt, Cubans earn $20/month – CNN 1/1/09

Unlike U.S. citizens, all Cubans have free health care. And the nation’s literacy rate surpasses that of many world powers. That’s the upside of Fidel Castro revolution 50 years ago today. But there’s little else to brag about. In fact, when Cubans say “revolution” they mean the country’s aging government that limits Internet access and keeps them on a travel lockdown

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