European News Round-Up

Journalists worry Big Brother law will kill press freedom – Der Spiegel 12/17/08

A new law working its way toward passage in Germany has journalists worried. Certain provisions, they say, could eliminate the ability for reporters to protect their sources. Still, the measure is likely to go into effect early next year.

It has been called the “Big Brother” law in the German media due to its provisions allowing online and telephone surveillance. The Interior Ministry in Berlin describes it as a necessary step to protect the country from the dangers of international terrorism.

Greek Riots 2008 – Agent Provocateur Cops Caught Red Handed – No One Has to Die Tomorrow 12/28/08

KILLER VIRUS GRIPS BRITAIN  – Daily Express, UK 12/15/08

Britain to pull troops from Iraq next year – USA Today 12/10/08

UK’s Brown defiant on economy, sees new U.S. alliance (Reuters)  – Yahoo 12/28/08

Britain’s Gordon Brown will use his New Year address to call for a “coalition for change” with U.S. President-elect Barack Obama in a speech intended as a rallying call to Britons.

UK sells nuclear stake to US – Raw Story 12/20/08

US now produces, maintains UK’s nukes, sale ‘under market value.’

Ministers ordered 5,000 stun guns – Wales Online, UK 1/5/09

UK: Face Scanners to be Installed in Schools – Cryptogon 1/9/09 

UK Culture sec. wants ‘rated’ Web with filters – Raw Story 12/27/08

Big brother police to get power to stop you in the street to demand ID… refuse and you’ll face jail – Daily Mail, UK 12/2/08

Max Hastings: British troops are stuck in Afghanistan until Obama sees the war is unwinnable – Guardian, UK 12/21/08 

CCTV used to ‘spy’ on pupils in schools, as young as four  – Telegraph, UK 12/27/08

New powers for police to hack your PC – Independent, UK 1/5/09

The private sector will be asked to manage and run a communications database that will keep track of everyone’s calls, emails, texts and internet use under a key option contained in a consultation paper to be published next month by Jacqui Smith, the home secretary.

A cabinet decision to put the management of the multibillion pound database of all UK communications traffic into private hands would be accompanied by tougher legal safeguards to guarantee against leaks and accidental data losses.

Labour forced to abandon plans to make police more accountable to local communities through direct elections – Guardian, UK 12/19/08

Belgian PM ‘offers government’s resignation’ (AFP)  – Yahoo 12/19/08

Belgian Prime Minister Yves Leterme on Friday offered his government’s resignation after it was accused of meddling in a court case linked to the break-up of major bank Fortis

Urban Singapore Prepares to Gobble Up Its Last Village – NYTimes 1/4/09

The demolition of Singapore’s last rural village is a final step in an extreme national makeover.

Ireland Props Up Three Banks and Takes Control of One  – NYTimes 12/21/08


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