Economy: Analysis, Predictions

The Beginning of the End of Paper Currency? – George Washington blog 12/5/08

Deflation virus is moving the policy test beyond the 1930s extremes – Telegraph, UK 12/9/08

Debt deflation is tightening its grip over the entire global system. Interest rates are creeping towards zero in Japan, America, and now across most of Europe.

Federal Reserve sets stage for Weimar-style Hyperinflation – Global Research 12/15/08 

World faces “total” financial meltdown: Bank of Spain chief – AFP 12/21/08

Economic Crisis and the Poor: Probable Impacts, Prospects for Resistance – Global Research 12/8/08

IMF warns of Great Depression – Raw Story 12/23/08 

IMF Chief Warns of Violence if Financial System Benefits Only the Elite – George Washington Blog 12/16/08

Video: Bubble Architects & Profiteers – via Implode Explode 12/13/08

Collapse of Pension Funds: The End of Retirement? – Global Research 12/13/08

Economic Predictions: Graphs Predicted the US Economic Crisis – Dissident Voice 12/12/08

Dow 4,000: 8 really, really scary predictions – CNN 12/10/08

Dow 4,000. Food shortages. A bubble in Treasury notes. Fortune spoke to eight of the market’s sharpest thinkers and what they had to say about the future is frightening.

One Third Of Banks Could Collapse In 2009  –  Implode Explode 12/24/08 

Gulf Oil CEO: $1 a gallon possible; Merrill Lynch: $25 a barrel – Raw Story 12/4/08

The Rich Are Hogging Our Common Inheritance — We Must Take It Back – Alternet 12/8/08

America’s wealth is mainly a gift of our common past — so how is it possible to justify our stunning level of economic inequality?

Our Biggest Problem Is Bigness Itself – Alternet 12/11/08

Far too much of America’s energy is being drained today in frenzied attempts to prop up corporate bigness.

How Kids Learn to Love Capitalism – Alternet 12/4/08

There is no better illustration of capitalism in all its glory than the vicious games of the playground.

Financial Meltdown 101 – Alternet 10/13/08

Everything you ever wanted to know about the biggest economic meltdown since the Great Depression but were afraid to ask.

The Shadow Money Lenders: The Real Significance of The Fed’s Zero-Interest-Rate Policy (ZIRP) – Global Research 12/26/08

The Free Market Fundamentalism That Got Us into This Mess Should Go the Way of Soviet Communism – Alternet 12/26/08

Oxford University historian traces first credit crunch back to Roman republic – Guardian, UK 11/27/08

How the Rise of the Speculation Economy Shaped U.S. Corporate Culture  – Alternet 12/22/08

American capitalism is such that a speculative stock market dominates the policies of businesses. 



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