World News Round-Up: Russia, Georgia, Ukraine
December 15, 2008, 7:39 pm
Filed under: Georgia, India, International news, news, politics, war

US starts New Cold War with Russia: The New Arms Race  – Global Research 12/4/08

Russia, Argentina sign cooperation deals – Raw Story 12/1/08

India, Russia ink nuclear deal – Raw Story 12/5/08

Russian ship enters Panama Canal – BBC 12/6/08

A Russian warship becomes the first to traverse the Panama Canal since World War II, in a symbolic message to the US.

Putin: no need for Cuban, Venezuelan bases – BreitBart 12/4/08

Ukraine and Georgia: Entry into NATO Put Off Indefinitely – Global Research 12/4/08

Georgian President Saakashvili: “we started the war” – Global Research 11/30/08

Russia to buy out mortgages from banks – Raw Story 12/3/08

Russia says U.S. mercenaries, others fought for Georgia (Reuters)  – Yahoo 11/24/08

Two Presidents Say They Encountered Gunfire – NYTimes 11/23/08

Presidents Mikheil Saakashvili of Georgia and Lech Kaczynski of Poland said their motorcade met gunfire at a Russian checkpoint near the South Ossetian boundary.

EU, NATO Concerned as Kaczynski Accuses Russia of Shooting  – Deutsche Welle 11/24/08

NATO and the EU have expressed concern after shots were fired Sunday at a convoy carrying the Georgian and Polish presidents near South Ossetia. Poland’s leader Lech Kaczynski later pointed the finger at Russia.

Russia to drill for oil in Cuban waters – Raw Story 11/25/08



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