World News Round-Up: Africa

Africa’s hungry tribe: The Masai’s struggle to subsist – Guardian, UK 12/13/08

AFRICOM China and Congo Resource Wars – Cryptogon 12/2/08

U.S. Helps African States Fend Off Islamists – NYTimes 12/12/08

Merchants of Death: Exposing Corporate-financed Holocaust in Africa – Dissident Voice 12/8/08

War in the Congo: The Ambitions of Nkunda and his Anglo-American Allies – Global Research 12/4/08

Somalia nearing a ‘total famine’ – BBC 12/4/08

Somalia: Another CIA-backed coup blows up  – Global Research 12/2/08

Sudanese police demolish 10,000 shanty homes – Raw Story 11/27/08

Millionaire accused of propping up Mugabe – Guardian, UK 11/26/08

The US treasury has frozen the American assets of one of Britain’s richest men after accusing him of financially supporting Robert Mugabe’s regime in Zimbabwe

China and the Congo Wars: AFRICOM. America’s New Military Command – Global Research 11/26/08

Missing activist was ‘collecting evidence’ on Mugabe crimes – Guardian, UK 12/13/08

Jestina Mukoko is the most prominent among 20 activists to disappear in Zimbabwe over the past 6 weeks

Congo: Africa’s other holocaust – Raw Story 11/24/08

G-Bissau leader’s home under fire – BBC 11/23/08

Carter, Annan, others refused entry to Zimbabwe (AP)  – Yahoo 11/22/08

“Rwanda’s Deadliest Secret: Who Shot Down President Habyarimana’s Plane?” – Global Research 11/24/08

Salopek: The hidden US war in Somalia – Raw Story 11/24/08

Morocco issues biometric ID cards – CNet 12/1/08

The country’s national security service says the contactless smart cards, required for all citizens over 18, will be used to fight terrorism. 

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