The Ongoing Collapse of Capitalism: Analysis & Suggestions

Collapsing the Economy in the Buildup to World War III: 11 of the Most Important Economic Events of the Last 11 Years  – Chyco 11/21/08

This is the first time I’ve been linked to this site.  This is a good summary, and I’m still delving into the links.  I see myself spending quite a bit of time here in the future.

War, Waste, and Moneylenders: factoring social and economic instability into ecological catastrophe and the decline of western civilization – MongaBay 11/12/08

30 reasons for Great Depression 2 by 2011– Market Watch 11/19/08

Worst of financial crisis yet to come: IMF chief economist – AFP/Google 11/23/08

Warnings of Food Riots resulting from Global Economic Crisis – Global Research 11/27/08

Ron Paul warns of plans to create international central bank – Infowars 11/28/08

Where money comes from: fractional reserve and debts – Boing Boing 12/4/08

In this 47-minute video, Paul Grignon lays out the workings of the fractional reserve system, explaining how banks are able to create money and then collect interest on it.

Forget Bretton Woods II – we need a gold standard – Implode Explode 11/17/08

Economic collapse: important upcoming dates – Disinter 11/16/08

Fading American economic and military dominance: Lesser US role foreseen in 2025 – Global Research 11/20/08

Excellent collection of links on inflation, deflation, the Great Depression and the Next Depression – Metafilter 11/20/08 

Zombie Economics: Don’t Bail out the System that Gave Us SUVs and Strip Malls – Alternet 11/25/p08

We shouldn’t squander our remaining resources on an economic infrastructure that doesn’t have a future.

The Fed Is Out of Ammunition  – Wall Street Journal 11/24/08

Prophesy of economic collapse ‘coming true’ – Metafilter 11/22/08

In 1972 the Club of Rome published the famous book Limits to Growth that predicted exponential growth would eventually lead to economic and environmental collapse. It was criticized by economists and largely ignored by politicians. Now Graham Turner at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) in Australia has compared the book’s predictions with data from the intervening years. According to Turner (PDF report) changes in industrial production, food production and pollution are all in line with the book’s predictions of collapse in the 21st century. According to the book, the path we have taken will cause decreasing resource availability and an escalating cost of extraction that triggers a slowdown of industry, which eventually results in economic collapse some time after 2020

Secrets of the Federal Reserve  by Eustace Mullins – via American Patriot Friends Network

The history of the Federal Reserve, one of the biggest scams in US history, and an important development in capitalist society, is a fascinating subject.  Wading through this is time well spent.

How the Rich Are Destroying the Earth – Alternet 11/22/08

The Dirty Secret of the Financial Crisis: Our Banking System’s Broken – Alternet 11/22/08 

Financial crisis a distraction, says Nobel winner – Raw Story 12/3/08

“You remember the food crisis? It’s still on, it didn’t disappear. Simply, this (financial crisis) became much more pressing and everybody is paying attention.”  He continued: “Then we have the energy crisis, it’s still there… And then the environmental crisis, we have not solved anything about the environmental crisis.” 

Yunus, who along with his Grameen Bank won the Nobel peace award in 2006 for efforts to lift people out of extreme poverty by giving them small loans, said that any solution had to “address simultaneously all these four” crises.  “It’s a framework problem: we have to have a framework which can address these issues about the lifestyle, about food production, technology, pricing, globalisation, tariffs.”

Why Rescue Automakers and Other Corporations that Have Been Bad Neighbors? – Mother Jones 11/18/08

Yes We Can Cut the Defense Budget: Why it’s Time to Stop the Military Spending Spree  – Alternet 11/19/08 

Deepening Crisis: The Technical Economic Indicators are getting worse – Global Research 11/19/08

Wall Street: Unprecedented Concentration of Financial Power  – Global Research 11/18/08

$5 Billion in Corn Ethanol Subsidies Should Be Eliminated, Food Before Fuel Urges – Treehugger 11/20/08

A new book by the award-winning photojournalist Nina Berman probes how the U.S. homeland security apparatus stokes fantasies about war.

Anatomy of a Meltdown: Ben Bernanke and the financial crisis – New Yorker 12/1/08

We shouldn’t forget the poor – The Progressive 11/21/08

With the economy in a tailspin, pundits and elected officials are talking a lot about the middle class — and hardly at all about the poor. But during President Bush’s years in office, poverty increased dramatically.

Lurching Toward Gomorrah: More Signs of An Unstoppable Economic Meltdown – Global Research 11/24/08

Making the World’s Poor Pay: The Economic Crisis and the Global South – Global Research 11/23/08

Will the Financial Crisis Put an End to Reckless, Planet-Destroying Consumption? – Alternet 11/24/p08

The spiraling economy has forced the American consumer to halt and take stock. And that’s a good thing.



Become an Un-Consumer, Join The Compact, Save Money, Reduce Your Eco-Footprint – Treehugger 11/19/08

Financial Collapse, Systemic Crisis?  – Global Research 11/23/08

Paper introducing the World Forum of Alternatives, in Caracas, October 2008

A Foreclosure Solution so Simple it Would Work – Your Mortgage or Your Life 11/19/08

Citizens’ Economic Stimulus Plan: Stop Paying Credit Card Debt – Global Research 11/24/08

End the Fed, End Wall Street Bankster Rule, End the Derivatives Depression – Global Research 11/23/08

This Is Not A Normal Recession: Moving on to Plan B  – Global Research 11/21/08

Smart Ways to a Bailout — Step 1: Stop Demonizing the UAW – Alternet 11/24/08

Confronting the big lie about the autoworkers, swallowed whole by union-bashing pundits even in The New York Times.

David Macaray : Seven Reasons You Should Join a Union – CounterPunch 11/24/08

The Free Lakota Bank – is the world’s first non-reserve, non-fractional bank that issues, accepts for deposit, and circulates REAL money…silver and gold. All of our deposits are liquid, meaning they can be withdrawn at any time in minted rounds.

Free Lakota Bank – Preliminary Assessment – BreakTheMatrix 11/26/08

With the launch of the Free Lakota Bank, The Free & Independent Nation of Lakota has launched a frontal assault on Wall Street, The Fed, and International Bankers.

Native Americans are historically known for their strong spirit, patience, and stealth, not to mention their very advanced war making strategies. The launch of this banking concept seems to display all of these characteristics in spades.

While The Free & Independent Nation of Lakota’s formal secession from the United States passed last year with little comment or reaction, this latest development will likely raise many eyebrows around the world. Ultimately, official reactions will be based on how individuals and markets respond to the offerings of their bank. 



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