Science and Technology: News and Random Weirdness

Heavy Metal-Eating “Superworms” Unearthed in U.K. – Nat’l Geographic 10/7/08

Newly evolved earthworms found at old mining sites eat toxic waste and could help cleanse polluted industrial land.


 VIDEO: “Monkey Island” Made by Scientists – National Geographic 10/23/08

Scientists have populated a small island near Puerto Rico with a thousand rhesus monkeys, creating a vast and unusual outdoor lab.


Bill Gates Funds Research Into ‘Flying Syringe’ Mosquitos to Deliver Vaccines – Cryptogon 10/22/08


Time – Metafilter 10/21/08

Flow of Time is a BBC documentary that ” tries to explain time and covers the different ways we have used to understand Time, religion, mathematics, relativity, and quantum mechanics.”


Future planes, cars may be made of `buckypaper’ (AP)  – Yahoo 10/18/08


Computer circuit builds itself – Nature 10/15/08


Bizarre walking strategies of artifically evolved organisms – BoingBoing 10/2/08


Our Fractal Universe: A Sneak Peek at the New Cosmology – Brainsturbator 9/21/08


Hunting the Hidden Dimension. You may be familiar with fractals, but in this PBS Nova episode, divided online into 5 parts, fractals go beyond the impossible zoom of the Mandelbrot set. Scientists are using fractals to describe complex natural occurrences, like lava, capillaries, and rain forests. In part 5, scientists measure one tree in the rain forests, and the distribution of small and large branches mirror the distribution of small and large trees. Fractals, it seems, are nature.  – Metafilter 11/2/08

Unknown “Structures” Tugging at Universe, Study Says – National Geographic 11/4/08

Biologists on verge of creating life form – Raw Story 9/9/08

DARPA’s Super-Resolution Vision System uses heatwaves to magnify targets – EnGadget 9/27/08 

Ancient Fish Had Primitive Fingers, Toes – National Geographic 9/23/08

Fish caught in act of evolution – Raw Story 10/7/08

In what could be a first in the world, a fish species known as cichlids has been observed by scientists in the act of splitting into two distinct species in Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest lake and one of the world’s biggest fresh water bodies. 

Scientists identify brain’s ‘hate circuit’ – Raw Story 10/29/08


Nanoscaffolding Regrows Limbs, Organs – TechCrunch 11/19/08


U.S. Army Shoots Live Pigs for Target Practice – Natural News 11/19/08


Scottish I-Ball rolls to success – CNet 11/18/08

Launchable, wireless projectile camera from Scotland provides stabilized images from ground and sky, wins U.K. contest.

Invisibility Cloak “Feasible Now” – National Geographic 11/19/08

Cool Animated Video: Humans As Virus – Treehugger 9/9/08

Protesters decry NASA hacker’s extradition – CNet 9/4/08

Supporters of Gary McKinnon protest his upcoming extradition to the U.S., where he will face trial for his self-confessed hacks into defense computer systems. 

Brief History of the Twenty-First Century – Metafilter 10/7/08

The Cancer and Disease Fighting Plants of the Rainforest– Natural News 9/5/08


Dispelling the Myths Surrounding Homeopathy  – Natural News 11/1/08

Dark Matter Proof Found Over Antarctica? – National Geographic 11/18/08

Unexpected numbers of high-energy electrons could be physical evidence of the mysterious substance—or they may reveal a nearby astrophysical object that’s bombarding Earth.


Regenerating a Mammoth for $10 Million – NYTimes 11/19/08

A new report suggests that a living mammoth could perhaps be regenerated from DNA extracted from clumps of the animal’s hair. 



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