The Upcoming Obama Administration – Business as Usual


Obama’s transition: A who’s who of imperialist policy – Global Research 11/19/08

The Agents of Change on Obama’s Transition Team – Mother Jones 11/18/08

The Progressive Transition–Putting Pressure on Obama – The Progressive 11/19/08 

It could be a very short honeymoon for progressives who supported Obama, with all the Clinton Administration officials crowding into the cabinet

Obama Throws No Bones to Progressive Base  – The Progressive 11/19/08

Antiwar groups fear Barack Obama may create hawkish Cabinet – LA Times 11/20/08

This is Change? 20 Hawks, Clintonites and Neocons to Watch for in Obama’s White House – Alternet 11/20/08

Key new members of Obama WH staff – Raw Story 11/17/08



Report: Top Obama Transition Staffer Led “Backdoor” Lobbying Campaign For Fannie Mae – TPMuckraker 11/7/08

Ex-CIA Officials Tied to Rendition Program and Faulty Iraq Intel Tapped to Head Obama’s Intelligence Transition Team – Democracy Now! 11/17/08

John Brennan and Jami Miscik, both former intelligence officials under George Tenet, are leading Barack Obama’s review of intelligence agencies and helping make recommendations to the new administration. Brennan has supported warrantless wiretapping and extraordinary rendition, and Miscik was involved with the politicized intelligence alleging weapons of mass destruction in the lead-up to the war on Iraq. We speak with former CIA analyst Melvin Goodman and Michael Ratner of the Center for Constitutional Rights

Obama to pick Holder as Attorney General: report (Reuters)  – Yahoo 11/18/08

Lawyer for Chiquita in Colombia Death Squad Case May be Next U.S. Attorney General – Huffington Post via Cryptogon 11/20/08

Will Eric Holder Shift Justice Away From The Bush Model? – TPMuckraker 11/19/08

Mario A. Murillo : Holder, Chaquita and Colombian Death Squads – CounterPunch 11/19/08

NBC: N.Y. Fed’s Timothy Geithner to be tapped for Treasury chief  – USA Today 11/21/08

Arab Americans Should Be Worried About Rahm Emanuel – Alternet 11/20/08

Emanuel’s history and positions give plenty of cause for concern.

The story of how Rahm got rich – Politico 11/19/08

The incoming White House chief of staff’s career as an investment banker was short but sweet.

Obama may consider Summers as Fed chief: Democrat (Reuters)  – Yahoo 11/21/08

Tracy McLellan : Obama’s Crony Democracy: the Return of Tom Daschle – CounterPunch 11/20/08

Obama taps Arizona governor for homeland security: report (Reuters)  – Yahoo 11/20/08



Nader: Obama just more of the same – Raw Story 11/20/08

Obama leaves hawkish hints – Politico 11/20/08

The latest buzz: Obama will go for big, liberal projects on domestic policy and tack right on foreign policy.

Obama’s Heavy Agenda: Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine …  – Global Research 11/20/08

Obama’s “Coalition of the Willing” Against Iran? – Global Research 11/20/08

What the Antiwar Movement Should — and Shouldn’t — Do Now – Alternet 11/18/08

In the wake of Obama’s victory, the antiwar movement must be ready to identify new pressure points or it risks losing credibility and relevance.

Obama advisers: Bush war criminals to walk – Raw Story 11/17/08

Early Test for Obama on Domestic Spying Views – NYTimes 11/17/08

Obama-tied Group wants ‘Dramatic’ Shift in Policy Towards Pakistan – Global Research 11/19/08

George C. Wilson : Perils of Pakistan: Will It Prove to be Obama’s Cambodia? – CounterPunch 11/18/08

Obama Promises “New Chapter” in Climate Leadership  – Alternet 11/21/08

Obama made big promises to the international community, despite turning down an invite to attend the next meeting in Poland.

The Trail of Broken Promises: Why Nothing Will Change Under the Democrats – CounterPunch 10/29/08

Obama might get rid of daylight saving time – Boing Boing 11/21/08

What Obama Should Do for Women – Alternet 11/20/08

From women’s reproductive health worldwide, to child care and equal pay, women activists are ready to speak with Obama about what needs to be done.

Obama calls on Net army to march again – Raw Story 11/20/08

President-elect Barack Obama’s 3 million campaign volunteers got re-enlistment notices this week.
Campaign manager David Plouffe, in a mass e-mail sent Wednesday to former workers, asked how much time they can spare for four missions integral to Obama’s effort to transform his victory into a broader political movement.
The volunteers’ options are, Plouffe wrote:
  • Campaign for progressive state and local candidates  
  • Undertake grassroots local efforts to advance Obama’s agenda  
  • Train others in Obama’s organizing techniques  
  • Focus on local political issues.

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