Corporations continue to wreak havoc on society


Auditors: Private security in Iraq costs over $6B (AP)  – Yahoo 10/30/08

Blackwater scandal: hidden silencers – Raw Story 11/14/08

Blackwater To Be Fined For Illegal Weapons Shipments to Iraq – Mother Jones 11/13/08

Sources: Blackwater Used Dog Food Bags To Hide Weapons – TP Muckraker 11/14/08

Northrop Grumman’s weaponized laser on sale now, definitely won’t hug you – EnGaget 11/14/08 

DARPA teams up with Arteriocyte to create ominous-sounding blood pharming machine for the military – EnGadget 11/15/08

Insider’s Projects Drained Missile-Defense Millions  – NYTimes 10/11/08

Taser creates crowd control weapon – BlogTown 10/7/08

Shell in ‘secret agreement’ for monopoly on Iraqi gas – Raw Story 11/8/08



The New Kleptocracy: Biggest “Giveaway” in American History – Global Research 10/28/08

Another Indictment in Offshore UBS Shelter Case – Mother Jones 11/12/08

Countrywide: Your Fixed-Rate Loan is Set to Adjust  – Implode Explode 10/28/08

Feds probe Countrywide’s ‘VIP’ program – Implode Explode 10/30/08

‘Broke the buck’ fund returns $26 billion – CNN 10/31/08

Department of Justice approves Verizon’s Alltel acquisition, requires more concessions – EnGadget 10/30/08

AmEx to become bank holding company – CNN 11/10/08

Troubled American Express to become commercial bank – Houston Chronicle 11/10/08

Treasury to give AIG another $40 billion – USA Today 11/10/08

A.I.G. Secures $150 Billion Assistance Package – NY Times 11/10/08

AIG execs caught on tape at resort – Raw Story 11/12/08

MP3, For The Record: Investigations into AIG’s use of offshore scams – Spitfire 9/23/08

AIG Crisis By The Numbers – Wall Street Journal 9/16/08



Dow Chemical Challenges Canadian Chemical Ban – Treehugger 10/29/08

Monsanto Announces Its Exit From the Growth Hormone Business – Natural News 11/1/08

Europe Seeks Moratorium to Protect Public Water from Privatization Push– Alternet 11/1/08

Despite pressure for public control of water, the European Commission seems intent on privatization.

Why Big Banks May End up Buying Your City’s Public Water System – Alternet 10/31/08

Drilling and Killing: Landmark Trial Against Chevron Begins Over its Role in the Niger Delta – Alternet 10/29/08

Pharmaceuticals in the Water: Why Medication Contamination is a Danger to Our Health and the Environment (transcript) – Natural News 11/10/08

Tyson Foods Injects Chickens with Antibiotics Before They Hatch to Claim “Raised without Antibiotics” – Natural News 11/9/08

Christopher Brauchli : Pardoning Industry: Bush’s Latest Executive Orders – CounterPunch 11/7/08

Corporate Crime Reporter : BP’s Big Spill on the North Slope – CounterPunch 11/11/08

5 Steps to Finding Out if a Company Is Green – CorpWatch 10/17/08

10 most ‘accountable’ big companies – CNN 11/12/08



Christopher Brauchli : Pardoning Industry: Bush’s Latest Executive Orders – CounterPunch 11/7/08

Diebold’s e-voting machines violate GPL, good taste – EnGadget 11/7/08

Firms Scan Brain Waves to Improve Ads in Japan – PhysOrg via Cryptogon 11/13/08

US research firm Nielsen and its partner NeuroFocus said Wednesday they would offer a new service in Japan to scan the brain waves of potential customers to help companies improve their marketing.The service will review brain waves, eye movements and other physical features of potential customers to precisely study the impact of commercial messages or products, the two firms said.Nielsen will collect the necessary data in Japan and the California-based NeuroFocus will use its teams of experts, including physicians, to examine the effects of the tested products or commercial messages, they said.The service measures the attention level and emotional engagement of possible customers and the message’s retention level, they said.

Wal-Mart Has Perfected the Art of Union-Busting – Alternet 10/30/08



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