Recent Big Pharma Crimes

Drug Companies Pay “Opinion Leaders” to Push Pills During Influential Meetings, Seminars – Natural News 11/14/08

Harvard Psychiatrists Hide Millions of Dollars Received from Drug Companies – Natural News 11/7/08

Big Pharma’s New Mass-Drugging Agenda Pushes Statin Drugs for Healthy People – Natural News 11/12/08

FDA Approves Deadly Enbrel Drug for Children – Natural News 11/12/08

Big Pharma’s Pills Contaminated with Machine Parts at Pill Factories – Natural News 10/28/08

Patients v. Big Pharma: Supreme Court to Decide Landmark Case – Alternet 10/30/08

Tyson Foods Injects Chickens with Antibiotics Before They Hatch to Claim “Raised without Antibiotics” – Natural News 11/9/08

Fluoride Added to Children’s Milk in Schools Throughout UK City – Cryptogon 10/28/08

Big Pharma may be handed blanket immunity for all drug side effects, deaths – PrisonPlanet 11/4/08

Cities, States Questioning Wisdom of Adding Fluoride Chemicals to Public Water Supplies – Natural News 11/9/08

Pharmaceuticals in the Water: Why Medication Contamination is a Danger to Our Health and the Environment (transcript) – Natural News 11/10/08

Prescription Drugs Kill 300 Percent More Americans than Illegal Drugs – Natural News 11/10/08


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