Miscellaneous Interesting Environmental Links

We are a small piece of a big picture

Industrial landscape photos by Dave Bullock – BoingBoing 10/17/08

Hurricane Ike: Impending Environmental Disaster – Global Research 10/5/08

When Will Los Angeles Run Out of Water? Sooner Than You Think. Alternet 10/4/08

Sensitive Dependence: The Photography of environmental photographer Kelly Hill – Treehugger 10/3/08

Introducing: The Mamachari Bicycle – Treehugger 9/11/08

Matt Simmons: Peak Oil Will Dwarf Financial Crunch Soon – Treehugger 10/3/08

Nature loss ‘dwarfs bank crisis’ – BBC 10/9/08

The global economy loses more money from deforestation than the current banking crisis, says an EU-commissioned report.

How Badly Can the ‘Experts’ Ruin the Planet? – Alternet 10/10/08

Change Coming To Water Politics – Twelve US States Face Extended Drought Conditions – Treehugger 10/9/08

Heavy Metal-Eating “Superworms” Unearthed in U.K. – Nat’l Geographic 10/7/08

Newly evolved earthworms found at old mining sites eat toxic waste and could help cleanse polluted industrial land.

Plant-eating Japanese predator could control UK superweed – BBC 10/12/08

Fish caught in act of evolution – Raw Story 10/7/08

In what could be a first in the world, a fish species known as cichlids has been observed by scientists in the act of splitting into two distinct species in Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest lake and one of the world’s biggest fresh water bodies.

How Local Governments Are Standing in the Way of Clean Energy  – Alternet 10/7/08

How To Build a House from Straw Bale and Mud – Treehugger 10/7/08 

VIDEO: Chicken Feathers to Build Houses – Nat’l Geographic 10/7/08

The Declaration for Healthy Food and Agriculture – Treehugger 10/11/08

VIDEO: Was a Nuclear bomb detonated during the 1991 Gulf War?  – Global Research 10/11/08

Iraq: US dropped nuclear bomb near Basra in 1991, claims veteran – Global Research 10/11/08

Farming Makes a Comeback in Russia – BusinessWeek – Business Week 10/9/08

Will Cities Soon Be Able to Feed Themselves? – Alternet 10/2/08

A growing interest in urban farming is sprouting all kinds of new ideas — including growing food in high-rises.

Britain’s Top 100 Environmentalists – Treehugger 10/13/08

1 in 4 mammals at risk of extinction – CNN 10/6/08

Chimps 90 Percent Gone in a “Final Stronghold” – Nat’l Geographic 10/12/08

CNU’s oxygen emitting robotic plants: deforestation solved – EnGadget 10/16/08

Five Poverty-Fighting Clean Water Projects and Designs – Treehugger 10/15/08

States Taking Pharma to Court for Risky Antipsychotic-Prescribing Spree – Alternet 10/19/08

Hawaii to Ban New Coal Plants, Expand Renewable Energy Usage to 70% by 2030 – Treehugger 10/21/08

Well: Michael Pollan on Food and Politics – NYTimes 10/24/08

Author Michael Pollan explains why food just may be the most important political issue faced by the next president.

Lessons in Biomimicry – Part 1 Natural Forms – Treehugger 10/21/08

Bioneers 2008: AskNature.org Outlines What Nature Has to Offer for Biomimicry – Treehugger 10/20/08

Bioneers 2008: Nature and Technology Joining Forces – Treehugger 10/6/08

Coming up very quickly is an exciting conference called Bioneers, where over 10,000 people converge to hear from leading innovators about solutions to our environmental problems, and to talk with one another about how we can look to nature for the answers

Bioneers 2008: Janine Benyus, Nature’s Best 100 Solutions, and 16 Businesses Using Biomimicry – Treehugger 10/21/08


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