Crazy New Weaponry

“Humanity is acquiring all the right technology for all the wrong reasons.”  – Buckminster Fuller

DARPA: Advanced video spying? – Raw Story 10/20/08

Real-time streaming video of Iraqi and Afghan battle areas taken from above.

What the TSA’s new body scanner images look like – Boing Boing 10/24/08

Big Brother: Radio frequency (RF) “Geolocation” of “Opponents” of the New World Order – Global Research 10/20/08

’60 Minutes’ video: Drone warfare in Iraq – CNet 10/13/08

Hackers Easily Override Heart Monitors, Delivering Potentially Deadly Shocks to Heart – Natural News 9/11/08

Submersible airplane, another DARPA ‘gotta have’ – CNet 10/9/08

DARPA’s “Gandalf” project aims to hone in on cellphones and track ’em – EnGadget 10/8/08

DARPA’s Super-Resolution Vision System uses heatwaves to magnify targets – EnGadget 9/27/08

Another tour of duty for iRobot – CNET 9/2/08

U.S. Army to re-up $200 million contract for general robots, services, and training, as well as PackBots.

The Future of Death at the Pentagon – via MParent 8/26/08


Defense Intelligence Agency Seeking “Mind Control” Weapons – Global Research 8/24/08


Laser weapons: A distant target – CNet 8/23/08


Swarms of robots join the army – Guardian, UK 8/21/08


Future wars ‘to be fought with mind drugs’ – Telegraph, UK 8/14/08



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