Biofuel News Round-Up

World Bank Secret Report confirms Biofuel Cause of World Food Crisis – Global Research 7/10/08

Biofuel Sustainability Embraced by US Department of Energy: National Biofuels Action Plan Unveiled  – Treehugger 10/8/08

“Economic Colonialism” Rears Its Ugly Head in African Biofuel Market – Treehugger 9/9/08

Largest Biodiesel Company in Country was Hit by Hurricane Ike – Treehugger 10/5/08

Ethanol Mandates: The Single Most Misguided Agricultural Program in Modern American History – Treehugger 9/15/08

U.S. biofuel plants go bankrupt on feedstock costs – Reuters 7/27/08

Biofuels main reason for food price rises: World Bank (Reuters) – Reuters/Yahoo 7/28/08

Midwest Flooding Brings to Light the Vulnerability of Corn Ethanol – Treehugger 7/1/08


Obama Camp closely tied to Ethanol Industry – NYTimes 6/23/08


Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance Sets Out Draft Principles for Sustainability Practices – Treehugger 8/20/08


Reconsider EU Biofuel Goal Says Incoming President – Treehugger 6/30/08

EXCERPT: “Can anyone think of the exact moment when the biofuel backlash first reached its tipping point? In any case, it seems like, finally, people are realizing that liquid biofuels aren’t quite the green panacea they were once made out to be. Not to demonize them, it’s just that (like most things) there are plusses and minuses to each feedstock and production method and these need to be carefully considered when formulating policy. It seems like the incoming EU president, France, has gotten the message.”

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