Obama-Biden News Round-Up

Doh!: Top eight gaffes of the campaign – Politico 9/7/08 


Bloodbath and the US Presidential Campaign – Uruknet 9/8/08

 Obama tried to stall GI’s Iraq withdrawal – NYPost 9/15/08

Iran and Pakistan Issues Split Candidates – NYTimes 9/26/08

Presidential Candidates’ Positions on Science Issues – NYTimes 9/15/08

More on candidates science views, drawn from five sources – CounterPunch 10/3/08

How McCain and Obama’s Health Plans Would Affect Real People – Alternet 9/15/08

American Imperialism–Between the Balfour Declaration and the Biden Declaration – via MParent 9/3/08


Video: Obama v McCain on Iran – Consortium News 9/1/08


The Obama-Biden View of the World – Consortium News 8/28/08


Iraq War Veterans March & Speak Truth About the War as Cops at the DNC surround and threaten to gas and shoot them. – YouTube via MParent 8/28/08


Biden’s Cozy Relations With Bank Industry – ProPublica 8/25/08


Joe Biden’s pro-RIAA, pro-FBI tech voting record – CNet 8/23/08


On Iraq, Biden Is Worse than McCain  – The Nation 8/23/08


Joe Biden’s record on US wars – Global Research 8/29/08

Biden: Clinton might have made better VP pick– Raw Story 9/10/08


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