McCain-Palin News Round-Up

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Sen. Harry Reid says McCain irrelevant and useless at White House bailout meeting, hasn’t voted since April, doesn’t have temperment to be president, wrong on Iraq, economy and many important issues  – YouTube 9/26/08

Bloodbath and the US Presidential Campaign – Uruknet 9/8/08

Make-Believe Maverick – Rolling Stone 10/16/08

A closer look at the life and career of John McCain reveals a disturbing record of recklessness and dishonesty  

Doh!: Top eight gaffes of the campaign – Politico 9/7/08

Iran and Pakistan Issues Split Candidates – NYTimes 9/26/08

McCain’s cousin no longer recognizes this desperate version of himself – St Petersberg Times 9/14/08

How McCain and Obama’s Health Plans Would Affect Real People – Alternet 9/15/08

Presidential Candidates’ Positions on Science Issues – NYTimes 9/15/08  

More on candidates science views, drawn from five sources – CounterPunch 10/3/08

McCain and Palin’s Top 20 Lies, Myths and Flip-Flops  – Alternet 9/12/08

Ten ways the McCain/Palin GOP is now stealing the Ohio vote – FreePress 9/8/08

John McCain Debates Himself on Supporting Bush – YouTube 6/13/08

McCain’s history of hot temper raises concerns – McClatchyDC 9/7/08

Exposed: McCain team includes 83 Wall Street lobbyists – Raw Story 9/17/08 

Bankrupt AIG Underwrote McCain’s ‘Reform Institute’ – Alternet 9/21/08

John McCain’s critical of the bailout of AIG. But it turns out the insurance giant is one of the largest donors to his pet think tank.

The McCain’s Keating 5 Scandal: A Mini Documentary  – via MParent 9/19/08

Republicans Allege McCain Covered up His Collaboration with the North Vietnamese While a POW – Alternet 9/21/08

McCain and the POW Cover-up – via MParent 9/19/08

The “war hero” candidate buried information about POWs left behind in Vietnam

Sydney Schanberg Writes Massive Piece on John McCain Hiding ‘POW Secrets’  – Editor & Publisher 9/19/08

The new piece details the evidence that hundreds may have been left behind, along with McCain promoting federal prohibitions that keep key evidence classified. Schanberg also reveals that he received a personal briefing in 1992 from high-level CIA officials who said intelligence suggested that many men were not freed — and later executed. He raises several questions about why McCain has acted the way he has but, in any case, strongly believes that McCain owes the voter “some explanations.” He also urges reporters to “dig into” the archives and complete “the historical record.”

John McCain Has a Bizarre History of Hiding Evidence About His Fellow POWs – Alternet 9/22/08

McCain would banish political office – Politico 9/21/08

Video: John McCain’s Keating Five Problem In 97 Seconds – via MParent 9/24/08

McCain: War critics should ‘get out of this country’ – via MParent 9/24/08

Diebold Keeps on Truckin’ in Ohio for McCain – BradBlog 9/24/08

What Privileges Do McCain and Palin Receive Because They’re White? – Alternet 9/18/08

Cindy McCain’s ‘addiction’ story – Raw Story 9/13/08

Did McCain Tamper With the Drug Enforcement Agency to Protect His Career? – Alternet 9/12/08

Whistleblower breaks 15-year silence to allege McCain hid wife’s drug abuse – Raw Story 9/11/08

Cindy McCain’s ‘lonely’ marriage – Guardian, UK 9/8/08

John & Cindy’s lucky 13 (cars) – Raw Story 9/21/08

Does McCain own Vote for MILF site? – Raw Story 10/3/08

A selection of examples of McCain’s nastiness, poor humor and bad judgement from his public statements andactions – via Shakespeare’s Sister 10/1/08



Sarah Palin’s 9 Most Disturbing Beliefs – Alternet 9/8/08

8 More Stories About Palin the Public Needs to Know – Alternet 9/10/08

CNN Documents Sarah Palin’s Truthiness Problem – YouTube 9/5/08

Sarah Palin had turbulent first year as mayor of Alaska town – Seattle Times 9/7/08

A worthwhile read
“Sarah Palin’s first year as mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, could easily have been her last as she became embroiled in personnel challenges, a thwarted attempt to pack the City Council and a bitter standoff with her local newspaper. Her first months were so contentious and polarizing that critics started talking of a recall.”

Palin requests talks with oil executives – Andrew Halcro 9/7/08

“Governor Sarah Palin has requested a conference call this week with the CEO’s of the major oil companies playing a role in the potential development of Alaska’s natural gas pipeline.The requested participants include Tony Hayward from BP, James Mulva from ConocoPhillips, Rex Tillerson from Exxon along with others. According to my source, no one knows exactly what the purpose of the call is. “  

Trooper-Gate: Everything You Need To Know – TP Muckraker 9/11/08

The Sarah Palin Trooper-Gate saga has taken so many twists and turns lately that we decided it was worth taking a step back, to consider what we’ve learned to date, and what it might all amount to.

Official at Center of Trooper Gate: Sarah Palin Lied to ABC TPMuckraker 9/15/08

ABC: Palin lied on warming record – Raw Story 9/14/08

Sarah Palin’s Record On the Environment: A Closer Look – Treehugger 9/6/08

A Telling Palin Scandal: Her Environmental Record – Alternet 9/10/08

ABC: Internal Government Document Contradicts Sarah Palin, Campaign – via MParent 9/19/08

Anne Kilkenny : Letters from Wasilla: the Sarah Palin I Know – CounterPunch  9/10/08

You know that middle aged woman who goes to all the City Council meetings and knows all the public goings-on?  There’s usually a couple, some you can stomach, some you can’t.  Here’s one of those women from Alaska, and what she thinks of Sarah Palin after a decade.

Palin Billed State for Nights Spent at Home – Washington Post 9/9/08

So What Did Palin Request in Federal Earmarks? Seal DNA Research! – TPMuckraker 9/10/08

Pissed about Palin – Salon 9/10/08

McCain’s running mate is a Christian Stepford wife in a sexy librarian costume. Women, it’s time to get furious.

Palin billed state for spending Thanksgiving at basketball game – Raw Story 9/8/08

Weird Theology in Wasilla: A Look Inside Sarah Palin’s Pentecostal Church – Alternet 9/8/08

The pastor who clashed with Palin – Salon 9/15/08

Baptist minister Howard Bess, who wrote a book Palin wanted banned and who fought her on abortion and gay rights, says the country should fear her election.

Palin, Huckabee and the GOP’s ‘Hick Factor’ – Alternet 9/9/08

Why did the GOP choose a political neophyte to appeal to the religious right over a seasoned politico? Fried squirrels and economic populism.

The Truth About Sarah Palin  – Rolling Stone October issue

Sarah Palin’s credentials as a “reformer” are nothing but spin. She has sided with Big Oil, lobbied to increase pork spending and abused her public power to carry out personal vendettas. Here’s a guide to separating myth from fact.

Did Sarah Palin Really Say She Wouldn’t Hire Blacks? – Alternet 9/25/08

Has Sarah Palin Been Picked as the Titular Head of the Coming Police State? – Alternet 9/24/08 

Palin: ‘Only Flag in My Office’ Is Israeli Flag – NYSun 9/26/08

Palin’s secession flirtation – LA Times 9/4/08

“For years she has courted the Alaska Independence Party, which wants to split the state from the U.S.”

Video from an Alaskan Independence Party meeting – via MParent 9/8/08 

Freedom fighter – Salon 9/10/08

Alaskan Independence Party chairwoman Lynette Clark talks about why she doesn’t identify herself as an American, and about her kindred spirit Sarah Palin. 

Alaskans Speak (In A Frightened Whisper): Palin Is “Racist, Sexist, Vindictive, And Mean” – Global Research 9/7/08

Sarah Palin’s wasteful ways – Salon 9/17/08

She poses as a fiscal watchdog, but when Palin was mayor, she grabbed city funds to give her office a pricey “bordello” makeover.


Hey, they broke the John Edward’s affair/baby scandal… SPOILER: Track’s an OxyContin addict, and Bristol’s easy.

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