Subverting Democracy Through Electoral Fraud  – Global Research 9/15/08

Well-written, worthwhile reading

Election Equipment 2008 – Verified Voting

Information on equipment by state

New video: E-voting machine pried open in 18 seconds – Raw Story 9/9/08 

Republican IT consultant subpoenaed in 2004 election tampering – Raw Story 9/29/08

Security Expert: Hackers Planning To Steal Election For McCain – via MParent 9/30/08

Report: ‘Manipulation’ in voter purges? – Raw Story 10/1/08

Vote machine security report suppressed – Raw Story 10/3/08

A judge of the New Jersey Superior Court has prohibited the scheduled release of a report on the security and accuracy of the Sequoia AVC Advantage voting machine.

Expert: Plan afoot to steal election – Raw Story 9/29/08

Plot calls for McCain end at 51.2%, says GOP cybersecurity expert.

Voter Purges and policy recommendations – Brennan Center for Justice 9/30/08

The Bush League: How The GOP Rolled Back Federal Voting Rights Enforcement – Alternet 10/3/08

GOP Plans and Denials to Challenge Foreclosed Voters Examined – Alternet 9/29/08

Nation’s Largest Election Protection Coalition Launches Hotline, Website – Alternet 9/29/08

More than 100 partner organizations prepare to help voters for November


Voter database glitches troublesome – Raw Story 9/17/08

October Surprise: Goverment Computers To Go Offline During Voter Registration Peak  – Alternet 9/25/08

Election Theft for 2008 Already Underway – OpEdNews 9/15/08

RFK Jr., Mike Papantonio: “Is Your Vote Safe?” – TruthOut transcript of Air America show 9/22/08

Millions of Women Voters Disenfranchised – Alternet 9/13/08

2008 Season of Voting Meltdowns Begins – Alternet 9/11/08

Evaluating the Security of Electronic Voting Systems – UC Santa Barbara Computer Science Dept



Montana GOP challenging voter eligibility – Raw Story 10/2/08  

Big Presidential Vote Count Error Found and Fixed in New Mexico – Alternet 10/4/08

OH divided ballot design criticized – Raw Story 10/1/08

WI Attorney General Battles State Over Voter Registration Checks – TPMuckraker 9/23/08

Diebold Keeps on Truckin’ in Ohio for McCain – BradBlog 9/24/08

New voting glitches raise concern in FL – Raw Story 9/24/08

Did FL officials trash ballots by accident? – Raw Story 9/12/08

Florida Voting Law May Disenfranchise Thousands – Alternet 9/12/08

AZ election overseer arrested on the job – Raw Story 9/9/08

‘Frog-marched’ out after pointing to missing security seals on ballot bags.

Some swing states not prepared for voting problems in November – Alternet 9/16/08

A survey of 10 swing states suggests Florida, Georgia and Virginia may have the most problems on Election Day.

Lose your house, lose your vote – Michigan Messenger 9/10/08

The chairman of the Republican Party in Macomb County, Michigan, a key swing county in a key swing state, is planning to use a list of foreclosed homes to block people from voting in the upcoming election as part of the state GOP’s effort to challenge some voters on Election Day.

“We will have a list of foreclosed homes and will make sure people aren’t voting from those addresses,” party chairman James Carabelli told Michigan Messenger in a telephone interview earlier this week. He said the local party wanted to make sure that proper electoral procedures were followed.

300,000 NJ voters told they’re not registered – Newsday 9/9/08

Virginia adds 49,000 new voters– Raw Story 9/8/08

Three States Accused of Illegally Purging Voter Lists – Alternet 7/25/08

Nearly 600,000 Subject to Possible Caging in Ohio – Miller McCune 9/7/08 




Bush to keep ‘grim’ war report quiet until after election – Raw Story 9/23/08

The risks of being a yes man – Politico 10/1/08

For 8 House members, the bailout vote was especially consequential — and maybe fatal to their jobs.

Homer Simpson tries to vote for Obama – Raw Story 10/1/08

Video: Homer’s experience with an electronic voting machine; leaked from this year’s ‘Treehouse of Horror’

Paul endorses Constitution candidate – Raw Story 9/23/08

Ron Paul Press Conference Unifies “Third” Party and Independent Candidates around Four Key Points – Dissident Voice 9/11/08

Anthony Papa : Imprisoned Voters and the Elections – CounterPunch 9/20/08

Steal this election! – Scholars & Rogues 9/16/08

The Dirty Secret About Presidential Elections  – MyDD.com 9/12/08

2008’s hot House, Senate races – Politico 9/9/08

America Wants YOU to be a Poll Worker – Miller McCune 9/3/08

Research shows how poll workers on the front lines of elections affect voter confidence.

The Biology of Ideology – Wall St Journal 9/5/08

Researchers have found tantalizing hints that our voting practices can be traced to a political psyche shaped by genetic traits

My candidate, myself – Salon 9/22/08

Even when faced with new facts and insights, most voters don’t change their minds about their favorite candidates. A neurologist explains how they might.



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Hope, your right. they don’t matter because the oligarchy behind them is pulling the strings to these puppets. The New World Order of financial and global elites created the bailout to help themselves. I continue to say that we should vote every House member out of office in November along with those Senators running for reelection. We have to start all over before these people destroy our nation.

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