Monitoring the Creeping Police State

Bush Seeks to Affirm a Continuing War on Terror – NYTimes 8/29/08

Tucked deep into a recent proposal from the Bush administration is a provision that would allow the continued use of detention, interrogation and surveillance to fight Al Qaeda. 

New Spy Software Coming On-Line: “Surveillance in a Box” Makes its Debut – Global Research 8/29/08

Wiretaps “R” Us: Is the FBI Tracking Your Cellphone? – AntiFascist Calling 6/14/08

City Would Photograph Every Vehicle Entering Manhattan and Sniff Out Radioactivity – NYTimes 8/11/08


Proof that government spying is not ‘for our own protection’ – George Washington blog 8/13/08


Operation Sentinel: The High-Tech Police State Takes Shape – Global Research 8/14/08


The Eternal Value of Privacy – the proper response to ‘if you’ve got nothing to hide…” Wired 5/18/06

Thanks to MParent for the link to this well-written article!


COINTELPRO and Domestic Spying – Global Research 8/21/08


COINTELPRO 2.0 – AntiFascist-Calling via MParent 8/20/08  


Social Origins of the American Corporate Predator State – via MParent 8/19/08


Simulating Urban Warfare – AntiFacist-Calling 7/16/08


Curfew America – Open Police State After Nightfall – Independent UK 8/20/08


Postvilla, Iowa has been turned into an open air prison – National Post 8/15/08

AR town imposes ‘martial law’ – Raw Story 8/12/08 

The Pentagon’s alarming project: Avian Flu Biowar Vaccine – Global Research 8/14/08


Battlefield of the future: The brain – Guardian, UK via Raw Story 8/14/08



Pentagon: “Psychologically Devastating” Microwave Weapon Can Cause People to Hear Voices in Their Heads – Cryptogon 2/20/08

The Real Drug Lords: A brief history of CIA involvement in the Drug Trade – Global Research 8/31/08

The True — and Shocking — History of the CIA – Alternet 7/28/07

An on-the-record master history of the CIA has finally been published, and it lesson is that an incompetent intelligence agency can be as great a threat to national security as not having one at all 

Prosecuting the President: The man who put Charles Manson on Death Row would do the same to George W. Bush – Pasadena Weekly via MParent 8/5/08


The Depleted Uranium Threat – TruthOut 8/13/08


Deleted photo sparks fears DEA may be using mercenaries – Raw Story 8/4/08


Cops brutalize, tase 18-year-old – Raw Story 8/10/08


Police punch teen 13 times in face, then taser him – Raw Story 8/9/08

America’s Plantation Prisons  – Global Research 8/30/08

Angola State Penitentiary in Louisiana “is disturbing every time I go there,” Tory Pegram, who coordinates the International Coalition to Free the Angola 3, told Truthout. “It’s not even really a metaphor for slavery. Slavery is what’s going on.”

Lawyers: Gonzales mishandled classified data – USA Today 9/2/08


New Evidence Contradicts Official Explanation for U.S. Spy Satellite Shoot-Down – US News & World Report 8/26/08

Newly released documents show that officials knew a satellite falling towards Earth posed no threat


A New Front for Defense Contractors – Business Week 8/22/08

Why does Israel have so much influence in U.S.? – via MParent 8/24/08

Get Your War On, the animated series – BoingBoing 7/31/08 



Update: More than 800 arrests reported during convention – Raw Story 9/4/08Confessions of an RNC security guard – Salon 9/6/08

St. Paul in ‘hot seat’ over RNC arrests – Raw Story 9/5/08

60,000 letters to mayor demanding dropped charges for all arrested journos.

AT&T all over at both conventions – Raw Story 9/5/08

AT&T’s lobbying strategy at this summer’s Democratic and Republican conventions? More bars in more places

Protest Peacfully And get Charged With ‘Conspiracy to Riot in Furtherance of Terrorism’  – via MParent 9/4/08

FBI Wanted Obama Plotters Charged, But A Rove Appointee Said No – via MParent 9/4/08

10m video: Rage Against the Machine go a capella at RNC protest after cops shut down PA  – BoingBoing 9/3/08

ABC’s Attempt To Film Donors Ends in Arrest – Washington Post 8/28/08

Police Seize Journalists Notes About RNC Protest Plans – YouTube via MParent 8/27/08

ACLU condemns mass arrests of RNC demonstrators – Raw Story 9/2/08

Police raid on RNC protesters leads to investigation – Raw Story 8/31/08

Police raid headquarters of RNC protesters – CNN 8/30/08

No, they raided a Food Not Bombs collective

Massive, warrantless raids on peace protesters in Minneapolis, ahead of RNC. – BoingBoing 8/30/08

Pre-Emeptive Arrests of Peace Protesters in Minneapolis – via Cryptogon 8/30/08

Police Seize Journalists Notes About RNC Protest Plans – YouTube via MParent 8/27/08



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