World Economic News Round-Up

SEC May Let Companies Abandon U.S. Accounting Rules – Bloomberg via Cryptogon 8/27/08


U.S., Europe, Japan Devised Plan to Prop Up Dollar, Nikkei Says – Bloomberg via Cryptogon 8/27/08


Incredible Statistic: Mutual Fund Performance – Implode Explode 8/28/08

“Out of almost 2,100 diversified retail U.S. stock mutual funds that are open to new investors, just 17 have positive returns for both the past 12 months and year-to-date”


China goes the big squeeze – Implode Explode 8/29/08

“A high-ranking Chinese economist has put his nation’s cards on the table in the global financial poker game by effectively telling the US to fix Freddie and Fannie … or else.”


Foreign Central Banks and Agency Debt: 2000 to Present – Implode Explode 8/29/08


Is Massive Foreign Treasury Buying Causing A US$ Rally? – Implode Explode 8/29/08


UK faces ‘profound’ economic crisis – Raw Story 8/29/08


The US Housing Bill Part VIII – The Two Great Financial Mysteries of Our Time: Missing Money and Collateral Fraud – Scoop, NZ 8/27/08

A great series.


FDIC: bank profits fell by 86 percent in 2Q (AP)  – Yahoo 8/26/08


Cities Debate Privatizing Public Infrastructure – NYTimes 8/27/08


The Great Gold, Silver Conspiracy Explained – Implode-Explode 8/27/08


Infrastructure Goes Private – Implode-Explode 8/28/08


Manufactured Famine: How Europe Is Snatching Food from the World’s Poor – Alternet 8/28/08


Graphs – Not Laughs – From the FDIC Report – Implode-Explode 8/27/08


Crop Prospects and Food Situation: 34 countries in crisis requiring external assistance – FAO July ’08


Quotes from the Great Depression – Iraq War.Ru 10/3/07

Eerily familiar – “There is no cause to worry. The high tide of prosperity will continue.” — Andrew W. Mellon, Secretary of the Treasury, September 1929


Washington Is Quietly Repudiating Its Debts – Wall St Journal 8/22/08 

British Families, Drowning in Debt – Business Week 8/20/08

USDA: Consumers should brace for the biggest increase in food prices in nearly 20 years in 2008 and even more pain next year – Reuters 8/20/08

Impasse: Are We Nearing the End of the Corporate Globalization Era? – Alternet 8/21/08

The failure to expand the WTO shows that the ideology of “free trade” has lost its luster.

NY State’s Economic Emergency – Implode-Explode 8/21/08


US Monetary Crisis: The Crunch Time. Set the Crash-alert Flags at Half-mast  – Global Research 8/23/08


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Here’s one for your upcoming updates. I can’t wait for the accumulation of $700 Billion Bail Out for Billionaires News!


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