Who will defend this country when the Armed Forces and National Guard are all killed or disabled?

Interactive Map: US Military Presence Around the World – Global Research 8/31/08

Veterans Hospital Told to Stop Diagnosing Iraq War Soldiers with PTSD – Natural News 8/25/08


Study Links Agent Orange to Prostate Cancer in Vietnam Vets – Washington Post 8/6/08


Vaccine Cover-Up Worst In Military History – via MParent 8/5/08


Contractors Far Outnumber Troops In Iraq– via MParent 8/12/08


Britain admits veterans exposed to radiation – ABC Australia 8/7/08

Remote-control warriors suffer war stress (AP)  – Yahoo 8/7/08

Rape in the Military: Members of Congress Accuse Pentagon of Cover-Up – Alternet 8/6/08

McCain Would Consider a Draft. Every Parent In America Should Know This – Mother Jones 8/2/08

Defense Intelligence Agency Seeking “Mind Control” Weapons – Global Research 8/24/08 

Torture Teachers – Salon 6/29/08

An Army document proves that Guantánamo interrogators were taught by instructors from a military school that trains U.S. soldiers how to resist torture.


US Troops & Mercenary News


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