Corporate Corruption News Round-Up

U.S. finds Exxon links to torture, killings in Indonesia – via MParent 8/30/08


KBR Sued for Human Trafficking in Iraq – TPMuckraker 8/28/08


U.S. increases spending on contractors in Iraq – USA Today 8/27/08


Were American Mercenaries Fighting Against the Russians in Georgia? – Washington Post via Cryptogon 8/29/08

Blackwater Issues Mercenary Call For Hurricane Gustav  – via WUFYS 8/30/08 

A New Front for Defense Contractors – Business Week 8/22/08


12 states sue US govt. over refineries – Raw Story 8/25/08


USDA Gift to Monsanto  – via MParent 8/27/08


SEC May Let Companies Abandon U.S. Accounting Rules – Bloomberg via Cryptogon 8/27/08


FDIC: bank profits fell by 86 percent in 2Q (AP)  – Yahoo 8/26/08


Major Builder Woodside Homes Forced Into Chapter 11 – Implode-Explode 8/26/08


Walgreens Allegedly Defrauded Medicaid by Secretly Switching Drugs to More Expensive Ones – Natural News 8/27/08


Tobacco Companies Hid Information on Radioactive Polonium in Cigarettes – Center for Media and Democracy 8/26/08


Impasse: Are We Nearing the End of the Corporate Globalization Era? – Alternet 8/21/08

The failure to expand the WTO shows that the ideology of “free trade” has lost its luster.

Germany Bans Eight Pesticides Linked to Honeybee Population Collapse; Clothianidin Chemical Found Contaminating Dead Bees – Natural News 8/29/08

Bayer in the Dock Over Pesticide Linked to Colony Collapse Disorder – Treehugger 8/26/08


Star Tribune cancels Associated Press – Raw Story 8/26/08


Lyondell plants to pay $6.5 million to end Texas smog probe – Houston Chronicle 8/25/08


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