McCain-Palin News Round-Up
August 31, 2008, 6:43 am
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John McCain’s Million Dollar Parking Lot – YouTube via MParent 8/27/08 


Leaked McCain-Palin Internal Talking Points Memo Here – via MParent 8/29/08


What a McCain Victory Could Mean: No Money for Health Care and the End of Our Volunteer Army – Alternet 8/28/08


BecauseIWasAPOW.comvia MParent 8/29/08

“We’re cataloging John McCain’s attempts to tie nearly everything to his for POW status. While his service was admirable, we believe that his five year jail stay is not itself a qualification for President. More over, he has used POW card in increasingly unrelated situations and needs to be called on it. Being a POW isn’t a free pass to the Presidency.”


McCain and Obama: Pawns of the Global Elite – via MParent 8/27/08


2 Top Alaska Newspapers Question Palin’s Fitness – Huffington Post 8/30/08


How McCain picked Palin – Politico 8/29/08

McCain and Palin’s first and only meeting came last February at the National Governors Association meeting in DC.


McCain met Palin once before VP pick – Raw Story 8/29/08


McCain-Palin ticket hits Alaska iceberg – Swamp Politics 7/21/08

“Questions have arisen over whether Palin used her office to try and fire her ex brother-in-law from a state trooper’s position. Palin asserts the charge is untrue but the Alaska Senate this week approved the hiring of an independent investigator to look into the charges.


Palin, McCain differ on global warming – Politico 8/29/08


Why CIA vets are scared of McCain – Raw Story 8/29/08


John McCain Does Not Understand Cause and Effect – Mother Jones 8/28/08


The next president will disappoint you – LA Times 8/24/08


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