Palin’s Policies and Scandals

Leaked McCain-Palin Internal Talking Points Memo Here – via MParent 8/29/08


How McCain picked Palin – Politico 8/29/08

McCain and Palin’s first and only meeting came last February at the National Governors Association meeting in DC.


McCain met Palin once before VP pick – Raw Story 8/29/08


McCain VP Pick Has History of Clashes – Consortium News 8/30/08

John McCain’s vice presidential choice, Sarah Palin, has a history as a small town mayor and novice Alaska governor of petty squabbles and retaliation.
A worthwhile read.


McCain-Palin ticket hits Alaska iceberg – Swamp Politics 7/21/08

“Questions have arisen over whether Palin used her office to try and fire her ex brother-in-law from a state trooper’s position. Palin asserts the charge is untrue but the Alaska Senate this week approved the hiring of an independent investigator to look into the charges.


Wonkette on Trooper-gate – 8/29/08


Palin’s Post-Scandal Appointee Served Just Two Weeks – TPMuckraker 8/29/08

More to Trooper-Gate than meets the eye…


Palin’s Dairy-gate scandal – Daily Kos 8/29/08

Why did Sarah Palin fire the entire Alaska state Board of Agriculture and Conservation in order to “save” a money-losing, state-run Dairy she closed three months later?


‘Fresh face’ launched Palin  – Anchorage Daily News 10/23/06

Local piece covering her campaign for Alaska governor, with all the ‘touching life story’ tidbits


Palin Could Prompt McCain Flip-Flop on Drilling – TPMuckraker 8/29/08


Palin, McCain differ on global warming – Politico 8/29/08 


Palin’s husband works for Big Oil, and Palin pushed for trans-Canadian pipeline – Financial Post 8/29/08


Video: Gov. Sarah Palin on the Wooten scandal and VP – Kudlow & Co / YouTube 7/31/08 via MParent 8/29/08


McCain’s VP Choice: ‘Sarah Barracuda’ – BUsiness Week 8/29/08


Sarah Palin on the issues

Fox News gushes over Sarah Palin – 7/11/07


Romney & Pawlenty’s feelings are hurt after McCain manipulation – Washington Post 8/29/08


McCain VP pick’s biggest achievement? Runner-up in Miss Alaska pageant and posing for topless photos – via MParent 8/29/08


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