The 2008 Election Has Already Been Lost – News on the Party Conventions and Vote Fraud

US Presidential Campaign Videos throughout the years – via Metafilter 8/21/08


Moving maps of American elections – via Metafilter 8/25/08


Largest e-voting machine maker acknowledges programming caused vote ‘errors’ in at least 11 of 44 Ohio counties. – AP 8/22/08

The same machines will be used this November.


‘Scientific American’ Blasts E-Voting  – MParent 8/21/08


Your Own Private Ohio: Seven Ways Your Vote Might Not Count This November – Alternet 8/22/08


E-vote co’s trusted to count votes – Raw  Story 8/21/08


‘Diebold electronic voting machines are brilliantly designed to steal elections’ – via MParent 8/18/08


States throw out costly electronic voting machines – AP 8/19/08


There Is More to a Democracy Than the Office of President – Alternet 8/22/08


Minn. RNC: Police confiscate laptops and video equipment – via MParent 8/26/08


Police Trap Peaceful Protesters in Denver – Alternet 8/26/08


Security Makes U.S. Conventions Virtual Fortresses – Bloomberg 8/22/08


‘We will get sued on Nov. 4,’ Ohio official predicts – Raw Story 8/25/08


Ohio elections officials preparing for 80% turnout – Raw Story 8/25/08


Ohio GOP illegally funneled $500,000, allegedly to Blackwell – Raw Story 8/27/08


McClatchy: Majority: Let Bob Barr Into Debates – FAIR 8/25/08


Focus Group: “Change” is Tired, Hello “Accountability?” – Mother Jones 8/25/08

More election coverage here


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