Obama & Biden News Round-Up

Donna J. Volatile : The Obama Construct – CounterPunch 8/28/08

Worthwhile reading 


Obama: the senator from ethanol-land – Socialist Worker 8/21/08


Obama and McCain: The Stakes Are Too Huge for ‘Civil’ Politics – Alternet 8/25/08

R.I.P., ‘Change We Can Believe in.’ The fierce urgency of the 21st century demands Change Before It’s Too Late.


Steve Conn : Obama and the Mining Cartel – CounterPunch 8/23/08


Nicole Colson : Obama and Big Corn – CounterPunch 8/23/08


Report: MBNA paid Biden son at critical time for bill – Houston Chronicle 8/25/08


Joe Biden’s pro-RIAA, pro-FBI tech voting record – CNet 8/23/08


Joe Biden’s War on Terror – Alternet 8/24/08


Praise of McCain could haunt Biden – Politico 8/24/08


Extreme-interventionist, Iraq/drug war fanboy is now the Democtratic VP Candidate – via MParent 8/23/08


15 Biden Quotes – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly – SomeDork 8/23/08


Biden at Work – Mother Jones 8/27/08


Anthony DiMaggio : The Myths of Joe Biden – CounterPunch 8/27/08


Joe Biden: Russia, China, India: “The Real War” – Global Research 8/28/08


Motormouth Joe Biden – Warmonger, Wordmonger And Political Hit Man  – Propaganda Matrix 8/26/08


Biden: The antidote to hope – Socialist Worker 8/25/08


Previous 2008 Election Coverage, including Obama does not represent change; he is intended to placate the ‘Left’ (7/13/08)


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