A collection of interesting science-related links

The Misshapen Mind: How the Brain’s Haphazard Evolution Left Us with Self-Destructive Instincts – Alternet 8/20/08

OneGeology.org: Mother Earth naked reveals world’s geology – Telegraph, UK 7/31/08

The striking images are revealed for the first time as part of OneGeology, an ambitious plan to produce the first digital geological map of the world.

Militarizing the Social Sciences – Global Research 8/6/08

Motherlode of cool science toys – BoingBoing 4/3/08

The Middlesex University Teaching Resources shop sells all manner of awesome science toys for kids of all ages.

Physics milestones of the past 50 years – via Metafilter 2/27/08


WonderHowTo.com – a directory of how-to videos – BoingBoing 1/30/08

Mobile Phone Radiation to Unleash Epidemic of Brain Tumors – NaturalNews 8/20/08

Sedative with amnesia side effects being used on prisoners across the nation – MSNBC 7/11/08  

The Contextuality of Quantum Theory in Ten Minutes [The Quantum Pontiff] – Science Blogs 1/17/08


Certain Parasites Alter Behavior of Their Infected Hosts – NaturalNews 7/31/08

Agrobacterium & Morgellons Disease, A GM Connection? – Global Research 8/20/08

Treehugger Radio: David Orr and the Science of Hope and Optimism – 10/23/07


Scientist at Work | Norman T. Uphoff: Food Revolution That Starts With Rice – NYTimes 6/17/08

Laser weapons: A distant target – CNet 8/23/08


Swarms of robots join the army – Guardian, UK 8/21/08


Future wars ‘to be fought with mind drugs’ – Telegraph, UK 8/14/08


Invisible airborne laser also ‘deniable’ – CNet 8/18/08


John Stanton : The Army’s Human Terrain Systems: From Super Concept to Super Farce – CounterPunch 8/16/08

DARPA turns Arthur C. Clarke’s Stiletto into MAHEM – EnGadget 4/24/08


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There are some good science how to videos at MonkeySee.com. They feature actual science teachers and professors…worth a look at the very least.

Comment by Stevie

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