More Reasons Not to Vote for John ‘Songbird’ McCain

Jukebox John keeps changing his tune – CarpetBagger Report 8/21/08

72 explicit McCain flip-flops, with sources


Why I Will Not Vote for John McCain – by fellow Naval Academy Student and POW Phillip Butler on Military.com

A must-read.


The Legend of John McCain(TM) – VetVoice 8/20/08

Well researched, worthwhile reading.


McWar– via MParent 8/21/08


I Spent Years as a POW with John McCain, and His Finger Should Not Be Near the Red Button – Alternet 8/21/08

A fellow Vietnam POW of McCain’s warns of the candidate’s “quick and explosive temper” and suggests McCain is exaggerating his imprisonment. 

McCain Slams ‘Birds Of Prey’ Lobbyists; He Has At Least 159 Lobbyists Running His Campaign – MParent 8/21/08


The Anatomy of a Deception: How The McCains Changed Their Baby Adoption Story Just Before 2008 Campaign Began– Huffington Post 8/21/08

McCain Would Consider a Draft. Every Parent In America Should Know This – Mother Jones 8/2/08

The night that changed McCain’s life – CNN 8/18/08

Patty O’Grady : John McCain in a New Context: Why the Senator is No War Hero – CounterPunch 8/23/08 


Foreign Policy Guru and Adviser to John McCain: Who is Randy Scheunemann? – Pat Buchanan on Global Research 8/22/08


Placing John McCain’s “Rich” In Context – Mother Jones 8/19/08


Reid: ‘I can’t stand John McCain’ – Politico /21/08


Even more reasons not to vote for EITHER McCain or Obama here – Hope2012 ‘Election’ Coverage


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