Environmental News: Our food, water and air have been conquered and poisoned

Crop Prospects and Food Situation: 34 countries in crisis requiring external assistance – FAO July ’08


FDA to let producers irradiate spinach, lettuce to kill germs – Houston Chronicle 8/21/08


Hospitals Are a Major Health Hazard – Natural News 8/18/08


Children as Big Pharma Guinea Pigs: 98 Percent of Drug Trials on Children Have no Safety Checks – Natural News 8/18/08


USDA Refuses to Ban Sick “Downer” Cows From U.S. Food Supply – Natural News 8/17/08


Martha Rosenberg : Whole Foods and Other Food Offenders – CounterPunch 8/19/08


Mobile Phone Radiation to Unleash Epidemic of Brain Tumors – NaturalNews 8/20/08


Communication Breakdown: How Cell Phones Hurt Communities – Alternet 8/21/08


Why T. Boone Pickens’ ‘Clean Energy’ Plan Is a Ponzi Scheme – Alternet 8/21/08


Water for All: The Leaders of a New Revolution – Alternet 8/20/08

A gathering of international thinkers, artists, and activists is inspiring a new revolution in the right to water and what belongs to the commons.


What If Your Tap Water Is Not Safe To Drink? – Alternet 8/19/08

In the U.S., 89.3 percent of tap water is deemed safe, but what if you’re one of the 29 million people whose water missed the mark?


Water: The Hidden Cost of Your Food and Drink – Treehugger 8/21/08


“Water Mafias” Put Stranglehold on Public Water Supply – Nat’l Geographic 8/20/08


Drinking Water of 41 Million Americans Contaminated with Pharmaceuticals – Natural News 8/22/08


The Era of Catastrophe? Geologists Name New Era After Human Influence on the Planet – Alternet 8/11/08 

How Corn Makes You Fat – Business Week 8/20/08

The advent of high fructose corn syrup begat cheap processed food, and that begat our obesity epidemic

Monterrey, Mexico Taps Methane to Power Its Metro System – Treehugger 8/22/08


Agrobacterium & Morgellons Disease, A GM Connection? – Global Research 8/20/08

Biodiversity and the root causes of deforestation – Global Research 8/19/08

Impasse: Are We Nearing the End of the Corporate Globalization Era? – Alternet 8/21/08

The failure to expand the WTO shows that the ideology of “free trade” has lost its luster.

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