DARPA: Weapons of the Future Today

Neuroscience, National Security and the War on Terror – AntiFascist-Calling 7/28/08

A scary read.


Battlefield of the future: The brain – Guardian, UK via Raw Story 8/14/08


Pentagon: “Psychologically Devastating” Microwave Weapon Can Cause People to Hear Voices in Their Heads – Cryptogon 2/20/08


Bruce Ivins: Fall Guy to Cover Secret Anthrax Weaponization Program – Dissident Voice 8/19/08


Manuel Garcia, Jr. : A Laser Weapon of Plausible Deniablity? – CounterPunch 8/18/08


Invisible airborne laser also ‘deniable’ – CNet 8/18/08


John Stanton : The Army’s Human Terrain Systems: From Super Concept to Super Farce – CounterPunch 8/16/08

DARPA turns Arthur C. Clarke’s Stiletto into MAHEM – EnGadget 4/24/08

Remote-control warriors suffer war stress (AP)  – Yahoo 8/7/08

The Pentagon’s alarming project: Avian Flu Biowar Vaccine – Global Research 8/14/08


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