International News Round-Up
August 22, 2008, 6:06 am
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A new world order: The week Russia flexed its military muscle – Indepedent, UK 8/20/08

A six-day conflict in the Caucasus mountains has transformed the international balance of power, with Russia now looking stronger than ever. But what sparked it? Diplomatic Editor Anne Penketh reveals how the Georgian government walked straight into a trap set by Moscow – and considers the consequences of the first war in Europe for a decade.


Mixed Truth of the Russia-Georgia War – ConsortiumNews 8/20/08


Russian aircraft carrier heads to Syria – Macedonia Online 8/21/08  


Norway: Russia to cut all military ties with NATO (AP)  – Yahoo 8/20/08 


Russo-phobia: A Political Pathology – Antiwar 8/18/08


India, Russia sign protocol on military technical cooperation – KUNA, Kuwait 8/19/08


Russia takes control of Turkmen (world?) gas – Global Research 8/16/08


Moscow riled over U.S. missile pact with Poland – Houston Chronicle 8/20/08


US missile defence system aimed at Russia: Medvedev (AFP) – Yahoo 8/15/08


Russia’s Novolipetsk buys U.S. steel company – USA Today 8/13/08


Look beyond Georgia – Khaleej Online, UAE 8/20/08


Caucasus War Games – Global Research 8/19/08


U.S., U.K. hinder UN resolution on S. Ossetia – Russia  – Global Research 8/18/08


Pentagon Plans to Send More Than 12,000 Additional Troops to Afghanistan – US News and World Report 8/19/08 


Venezuela promises Paraguay ‘all the oil it needs’ – Raw Story 8/16/08


Liberia: CIA agents executed 1980 coup – AllAfrica 8/6/08


Fragile Alliances, the “Citizen’s Revolution,” and the Future of Ecuador – Dissident Voice 8/13/08


Venezuela nationalises cement firms – BBC 8/18/08


‘Water wars’ – BBC 8/18/08

Severe drought heightens Spain’s environmental fears


Brazil’s farms see quiet revolution – BBC 8/20/08


Vision 2015: Consolidation of Intelligence Into Global Intel Network – Global Research 8/6/08


Global Domination: The Missing Manual – Metafilter 8/5/08


Navy says sub leaked radiation since 2006 – CNN 8/7/08


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