Economic News Round-Up

As America Collapses US Government Secret Plans Revealed – Dprogram blog 5/21/08


How Taxpayer Money Is Wrapped Up in Georgian War – Alternet 8/14/08


Wag the Dog: How to Conceal Massive Economic Collapse – Global Research 8/14/08


Massive Economic Disaster Seems Possible — Will Survivalists Get the Last Laugh? – Alternet 7/26/08

The Real State of the US Economy – Global Research 8/1/08

World Economy and Great Power Rivalry: The Challenge to U.S. Global Dominance – Global Research 8/5/08


Bank collapse ahead: The worst of the global financial crisis is yet to come  – Global Research 8/20/08


US bank ‘to fail within months’ – BBC 8/19/08


Orchestrating Famine – a Must-Read Backgrounder on the Food Crisis – PermacultureUSA 8/9/08


Beyond the Supermarket: A Global Food Exploration – Treehugger 8/6/08


The Price of Oil, Tripled? An Attack on Iran Could Make It Happen – Alternet 8/5/08


How to Survive the Triple Whammy of Energy, Food and Climate Crises – Alternet 8/5/08


Global Food Crisis: Hot Commodities, Stuffed Markets, and Empty Bellies – Alternet 8/12/08


Wall Street to privatize US infrastructure – Global Research 8/3/08


Private Contractors Have Banked $100 Billion Since Iraq Invasion – Mother Jones 8/12/08


Over 66% of US corporations pay no federal income tax – AP/Yahoo 8/12/08



Our phony economy – Harpers June 2008


US central bank in $25bn auction – BBC 8/12/08


The Fannie-Freddie bailout question – CNN 8/20/08


NAFTA and SPP, Securing U.S. Access to Canadian Resources – Global Research 7/17/08


OPEC sees 50% spike in world energy needs by 2030 – Houston Chronicle 7/10/08


Biofuels main reason for food price rises: World Bank (Reuters) – Reuters/Yahoo 7/28/08

Privatization of Mexican Oil Will Advance SPP Objectives – Global Research 7/30/08

National Bank of Australia writes off 90% of its’ US loans – Business Spectator 7/25/08


Bernanke Tries to Define What Institutions Fed Could Let Fail  – Implode-Explode 8/18/08

Inflation and the New World Order – Global Research 8/3/08


Russia’s Novolipetsk buys U.S. steel company – USA Today 8/13/08

Scientist at Work | Norman T. Uphoff: Food Revolution That Starts With Rice – NYTimes 6/17/08

The Pentagon Strangles Our Economy: Why the US has gone broke – Alternet 4/26/08

EXCERPT: “There are three broad aspects to the U.S. debt crisis. First, in the current fiscal year – 2008 we are spending insane amounts of money on “defense” projects that bear no relation to the national security of the U.S. We are also keeping the income tax burdens on the richest segment of the population at strikingly low levels.”
“Second, we continue to believe that we can compensate for the accelerating erosion of our base and our loss of jobs to foreign countries through massive military expenditures — “military Keynesianism” – which I discuss in detail in my book Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Republic. By that, I mean the mistaken belief that public policies focused on frequent wars, huge expenditures on weapons and munitions, and large standing armies can indefinitely sustain a wealthy capitalist economy. The opposite is actually true.”
“Third, in our devotion to militarism – despite our limited resources, we are failing to invest in our social infrastructure and other requirements for the long-term health of the U.S. These are what economists call opportunity costs, things not done because we spent our money on something else. Our public education system has deteriorated alarmingly. We have failed to provide health care to all our citizens and neglected our responsibilities as the world’s number one polluter. Most important, we have lost our competitiveness as a manufacturer for civilian needs, an infinitely more efficient use of scarce resources than arms manufacturing.”

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