Corporate News Round-Up

Global Domination: The Missing Manual – Metafilter 8/5/08


Vision 2015: Consolidation of Intelligence Into Global Intel Network – Global Research 8/6/08


As America Collapses US Government Secret Plans Revealed – Dprogram blog 5/21/08


Over 66% of US corporations pay no federal income tax – AP/Yahoo 8/12/08


Private Contractors Have Banked $100 Billion Since Iraq Invasion – Mother Jones 8/12/08


Are Contractors in War Zones Above the Law? – Alternet 8/7/08

“Numerous private civilian contractors have died in Iraq under KBR’s watch, yet the firm is immune from U.S. law. “


Russia’s Novolipetsk buys U.S. steel company – USA Today 8/13/08


Government accountability report details Azeri privatization, world corruption – WhistleBlower.org 8/12/08


Chiquita Board Members: Total Identification – Dissident Voice 8/9/08


KBR bans cell phone use, silences rape victims – Feministe 8/8/08


Oil giant BP puts $90 million into U.S. biofuel company – Houston Chronicle 8/7/08


First Wal-Mart union in China – Raw Story 8/4/08


94% ‘powerless’ to stop data leaks – Raw Story 8/3/08


Citigroup to be charged by N.Y. attorney general, faces SEC probe – USA Today 8/1/08


Auditors question Blackwater contracts – Raw Story 8/12/08


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