Looking for context on Russia – Georgia – North & South Ossetia – Abkhazia?

War in the Caucasus: Towards a Broader Russia-US Military Confrontation?  – Global Research 8/10/08


Taunting the Bear: Some history on Russian-Georgian conflict – NYTimes 8/9/08


Georgia says Abkhazia separatists seize villages (AP)  – Yahoo 8/16/08


Refugees on Georgian attacks on civilians – ABC Australia 8/11/08

Analysis: Roots of the conflict between Georgia, South Ossetia and Russia – Times UK 8/11/08

Russia launches genocide probe over S.Ossetia events – Global Research 8/15/08 

Russia taken to the Hague – Raw Story 8/14/08

“Georgia has filed a lawsuit against Russia at the International Court of Justice in The Hague for its actions in and around the territory of Georgia from 1991 to 2008”


Russia takes control of Turkmen (world?) gas – Global Research 8/16/08

Georgia used US and Ukrainian mercenaries in its aggression against South Ossetia – Pravda, Russia 8/15/08 

America Watches the War in Georgia with Dumb Goggles – Alternet 8/16/08

“Up until now, this war was framed as a simple tale of Good Helpless Democratic Guy Georgia versus Bad Savage Fascist Guy Russia. In fact, it is far more complex than this, morally and historically…At the root of this conflict is a clash of two twentieth-century guiding principles in international relations. Georgia, backed by the West, is claiming its right as a sovereign nation to control the territory within its borders, a guiding principle since World War II. The Ossetians are claiming their right to self-determination, a guiding principle since World War I.
These two guiding concepts for international relations-national sovereignty and the right to self-determination-are locked in a zero-sum battle in Georgia. Sometimes, the West takes the side of national sovereignty, as it is in the current war; other times, it sides with self-determination and redrawing of national borders, such as with Kosovo.”

War in South Ossetia – 89 disturbing photos of war taken by a Russian – via MParent 8/16/08

John McCain Has More Odd Things to Say About Russia/Georgia – Mother Jones 8/15/08 

Both McCain and Obama advisors wants Russia-Georgia war – George Washington blog 8/13/08

Russian Foreign Minister: ‘Forget’ Georgian territorial integrity  – Raw Story 8/14/08


Set-up complete: Georgia the new Vietnam – Global Research 8/14/08


Russia: Blame Cheney for Georgia crisis – Raw Story 8/14/08

This is a tale of US expansion not Russian aggression – Guardian, UK 8/14/08

US missile defence system aimed at Russia: Medvedev (AFP)  – Yahoo 8/15/08

How Taxpayer Money Is Wrapped Up in Georgian War – Alternet 8/14/08


Flashback: The Revolt in Georgia, A General Rising – Times, UK September 16, 1924


Abkhazia sends army to drive out Georgian troops (AP)  – AP/Yahoo 8/10/08


Greg Moses : The Smell of Propaganda in the Morning: Press Calls for War in the Caucasus – Counterpunch 8/11/08


A Dirty Adventure — Part 1 and Part 2 – Dissident Voice 8/10/08


Bush’s War in Georgia; Will it be the Flyswatter or the Blunderbuss?  – Global Research 8/11/08


South Ossetia Humanitarian Crisis: Georgian Forces Target Residential Areas – Global Research 8/10/08


Media Disinformation: BBC distorts the News from the Georgia Region – Global Research 8/10/08


U.S. Military Instructors Command Mercenaries in Georgia – Kommersant Russia 8/11/08 

War between Russia and Georgia orchestrated from USA – Pravda, Russia 8/9/08

Did US prep Georgia for war with Russia? – Raw Story 8/9/08


North Ossetia: Update on Casualties and Displaced Civilians – Human Rights Watch 8/9/08


Georgian president: Moscow picked fight – CNN 8/11/08


VIDEO: American Girl on Fox News: “I was running from Georgian troops, I want to thank the Russian troops” – Global Research 8/17/08


Timeline of Russia-Georgia tensions over separatists – AFP via Phillipine Inquirer.net



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