International News Round-Up
August 13, 2008, 3:59 pm
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China’s All Seeing Eye – Rolling Stone 5/13/08

“With the help of U.S. defense contractors, China is building the prototype for a high-tech police state. It is ready for export.”


How China’s taking over Africa, and why the West should be VERY worried  – ThisIsLondon, UK 7/18/08


China’s Rulers Want Security ‘Toys’ – Consortium News 8/10/08

China is the new market for surveillance gadgets from the “war on terror,” says Naomi Klein. Watch TheRealNews.com’s video.


China Mixes Stalinism with Capitalism – Consortium News 8/10/08


Africa: The Next Victim in Our Quest for Cheap Oil – Alternet 7/14/08


Harvest of death – BBC 8/12/08

“Doctors struggle as millions die in remote DR Congo “


Russian GazProm connects to Iran – Kommersant, Russia 7/15/08


US troops train in Georgia, amid tensions with Russia – Financial Times 7/16/08


Russia and Venezuela will coordinate energy policies – NYTimes 7/23/08


Taking Stock of the Bolivarian Revolution: Changing Venezuela by Taking Power – Global Research 7/17/08


Secret sale of UK plutonium to Israel – BBC 3/10/06


U.S. refuses Israel weapons to attack Iran: report (Reuters)  – Reuters/Yahoo 8/12/08

Rice on possible IDF Iran strike: U.S. has no veto over Israeli military ops  – Haaretz, Israel 8/7/08 

Congress Delivers Promised Israel Aid Bump Despite Budget Deadlock; Move Bypasses Normal Appropriation Process – Jewish Daily Forward 7/2/08   


MPs call for inquiry into MI5 torture role – Guardian, UK 7/15/08

EXCERPT: “MPs are calling for an investigation into allegations that British intelligence has “outsourced” the torture of British citizens to Pakistani security agencies after hearing accounts of people being abducted and subjected to mistreatment and, in some cases, released without charge.”


UK Torture Cover-Up Unravels – Uruknet 7/27/08


How Britain Wages War – Dissident Voice 7/16/08  


Italy’s Parliament has passed a controversial immunity bill for Berlusconi – BBC 7/11/08

“The amendment protects top public officials, including the prime minister and president, from prosecution…Judges have condemned his various changes to the legal system and have threatened to go on strike. ” 



130,000 flee fighting in Phillipines – Herald Sun, Australia 8/11/08


Papuan tribe takes on US mining giant – Raw Story 8/11/08


London mayoral election e-voting results cannot be verified – OpenRightsGroup 7/2/08


French latest to realize the perils of e-voting – Ars Technica 7/9/08


Eye scans, fingerprints to control NZ borders – Sunday Star Times/Stuff, NZ 7/27/08


NAFTA and SPP, Securing U.S. Access to Canadian Resources – Global Research 7/17/08


Privatization of Mexican Oil Will Advance SPP Objectives – Global Research 7/30/08


OPEC sees 50% spike in world energy needs by 2030 – Houston Chronicle 7/10/08


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