The Grisly War Profiteers of the Global War Of Terror

When War Goes Corporate – Salon 7/31/08


Use of Iraq Contractors Costs Billions, Report Says– NYTimes 8/12/08


Scahill: Blackwater now in the private intelligence business – Raw Story 7/31/08

The New Snoops: Terrorism Liaison Officers, Some from Private Sector – The Progressive 7/2/08

25 Most Vicious Iraq War Profteers – Kenny’s Sideshow 7/24/08

The U.S. government paid a California contractor $142 million to build prisons, fire stations and police facilities in Iraq that it never built or finished – Washington Post 7/28/08

Don’t Believe the Hype: Blackwater is Here to Stay – Alternet 7/23/08

Blackwater to get out of private security business Houston Chronicle 7/21/08

Five Stealth Pentagon Contractors Reaping Billions of Tax Dollars – Information Clearinghouse – 6/26/08


Blackwater’s Private CIA – Alternet 6/9/08


Blackwater’s Private Spies – Jeremy Scahill in The Nation 6/5/08


Whistleblower says Pentagon putting KBR over soldiers – Houston Chronicle 7/9/08 



Much, more more on corporate war profiteering

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