Miscellanea: A Little Something For Everyone
July 27, 2008, 8:34 am
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Amazing Tree Houses – Metafilter 6/23/08 

A-Z Guide to Political Interference in Science – Union of Concerned Scientists


“Super Cells”! Single Celled Organisms that can Make Oil, Cure Cancer, and Build a City – Daily Galaxy 7/5/08


How Ordinary People Do Extraordinary Things – Metafilter 7/5/08


Universe Sandbox – Metafilter 7/12/08


Periodic Table of Videos: elements as short YouTube episodes. – BoingBoing 7/13/08


Great Civilizations of Ancient Worlds – Metafilter 7/16/08 


Encyclopedia of Greece, from ancient times to the modern day, focusing on science and technology – Metafilter 7/18/08

New book: The Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments– BoingBoing 4/28/08

Harvard Law School goes open access!  – BoingBoing 5/7/08


The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy– Metafilter 5/15/08


Ich bin ein Berliner! eduFire Offers Language Tutoring over Video Chat – TechCrunch 5/28/08 

American Museum of Natural History Photo Collection – Metafilter 6/26/08

The Bicycle Tutor Explains Just About Every Kind of Bike Fix [Outdoors]  – LifeHacker 6/29/08


World’s Greatest Underground Destinations – Business Week 6/30/08


World Evolutionary Humanism, Eugenics and UNESCO – Global Research 6/30/08


Weirdest Examples of Mass Hysteria – BoingBoing 7/1/08


8 (Real and) Insane Nuclear Explosions – PicDit 7/21/08 

Punk House: communal homes of the anarcho-syndicalist lifestyle – BoingBoing 5/24/08

Born Dropped Out: The Hippie Kids Stories – BoingBoing 6/24/08


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