McCain vs. Obama – What’s the Difference?
July 26, 2008, 7:49 am
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FireCongress.org – The ‘Kick Them All Out’ Project

Sounds great!


Flip-flopping to the White House – Salon 7/17/08


US candidates practise their U-turns – BBC 7/5/08


Kerry: McCain’s judgment ‘dangerous’, candidate a ‘changed man’ – Raw Story 7/6//08


A Hidden Agenda: John McCain and the IRI – Dissident Voice 7/5/08

EXCERPT: “Presidential hopeful John McCain is hiding a skeleton in his closet. Not your typical political scandal, Senator McCain’s dirty little secret is his longtime involvement with the International Republican Institute (IRI), an organization that operates in 60 countries and is budgeted by millions of US taxpayer dollars each year. The IRI is “officially” a politically independent entity, though in reality it is aligned in most respects with the Republican Party and its ideals. Senator McCain has been chairman of the IRI since 1993 and Lorne Craner, president of the organization, is one of the presumptive Republican candidate’s informal foreign policy advisors. If McCain’s involvement with the IRI does not worry Latin America yet, it certainly will if the policies that have had such a destructive influence in the past are backed by the power of the presidency. His connection to the IRI could endanger already stressed US-Latin American relations in the event of a McCain victory.”

McCain: Forget Democracy, Do What The Military Says  – OpenLeft 6/20/08

Why Senator John McCain Cannot Be President: Eleven Months and a Hundred Yards Short of Citizenship  – Social Science Research Center

ABSTRACT: “Senator McCain was born in 1936 in the Canal Zone to U.S. citizen parents. The Canal Zone was territory controlled by the United States, but it was not incorporated into the Union. As requested by Senator McCain’s campaign, distinguished constitutional lawyers Laurence Tribe and Theodore Olson examined the law and issued a detailed opinion offering two reasons that Senator McCain was a natural born citizen. Neither is sound under current law. The Tribe-Olson Opinion suggests that the Canal Zone, then under exclusive U.S. jurisdiction, may have been covered by the Fourteenth Amendment’s grant of citizenship to “all persons born . . . in the United States.” However, in the Insular Cases, the Supreme Court held that “unincorporated territories” were not part of the United States for constitutional purposes. Accordingly, many decisions hold that persons born in unincorporated territories are not Fourteenth Amendment citizens. The Tribe-Olson Opinion also suggests that Senator McCain obtained citizenship by statute. However, the only statute in effect in 1936 did not cover the Canal Zone. Recognizing the gap, in 1937, Congress passed a citizenship law applicable only to the Canal Zone, granting Senator McCain citizenship, but eleven months too late for him to be a citizen at birth. Because Senator John McCain was not a citizen at birth, he is not a “natural born Citizen” and thus is not “eligible to the Office of President” under the Constitution.This essay concludes by exploring how changes in constitutional law implied by the Tribe-Olson Opinion, such as limiting the Insular Cases and expanding judicial review of immigration and nationality laws passed by Congress, could make Senator McCain a citizen at birth and thus a natural born citizen.” 

Video: McCain: I graduated 5th from the bottom of my class (that’s 894 of 899) – via MParent 7/15/08

We have everything to fear from McCain – Independent, UK 7/17/08

What John McCain didn’t learn in Vietnam – Salon 7/4/08

“In spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, the former POW insists we could have won. No wonder he talks of occupying Iraq for a century.”

John McCain’s Disaster Economics  – Alternet 7/22/08


McCainVMinnesota.com: Lifestyles of the Rich and Out of Touch

Visit McCain’s 10 homes worth $13.8 Million via Google Earth

Obama Worse Than McCain? – CounterPunch 7/11/08


Obama’s War Room – Socialist Worker 7/2/08

Elizabeth Schulte looks at the some of the veterans of U.S. war crimes past and present that Barack Obama is adding to his team of foreign policy advisers.

Obama: US should spend as much money on civilian national security force as on military – with video, via MParent 7/117/08

Obama warns against ‘fighting the last war’ (AP)  – AP/Yahoo 7/16/08


Obama Wants to Shrink One War, But Expand Two Others – Alternet 7/16/08


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