Environmental News Round-up

Homeopathic Alternatives to Antibiotics – Natural News 7/9/08

“Creation Care” – A Growing Movement – Treehugger 7/3/08

Earth’s Core, Magnetic Field Changing Fast, Study Says – National Geographic 6/29/08

Will Midwest Floods Be as Toxic as New Orleans? – Alternet 7/3/08

Midwest Flooding Brings to Light the Vulnerability of Corn Ethanol – Treehugger 7/1/08

Radioactive Uranium and other toxic contaminants found in Pinon Canyon, Colorado – Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center 7/1/08

Reconsider EU Biofuel Goal Says Incoming President – Treehugger 6/30/08

EXCERPT: “Can anyone think of the exact moment when the biofuel backlash first reached its tipping point? In any case, it seems like, finally, people are realizing that liquid biofuels aren’t quite the green panacea they were once made out to be. Not to demonize them, it’s just that (like most things) there are plusses and minuses to each feedstock and production method and these need to be carefully considered when formulating policy. It seems like the incoming EU president, France, has gotten the message.”

Why Canada is the best haven from climate change – Independent, UK 7/4/08

350: Global Warming. Global Action. Global Future – 350.org

Groundbreaking Lawsuit Accuses Big Oil of Conspiracy to Deceive Public About Climate Change – Democracy Now! 7/3/08

Richmond, California could be the first US city to decide to stand up to the Chevron oil company and impose a cap on its plans for further expansion. – Alternet 7/8/08

California files suit against Avalon ‘Natural’ Products and Whole Foods – TransWorld News 7/7/08

EXCERPTS: “the Attorney General of California has filed a major lawsuit against body care household-cleaning product companies whose products recently tested highest for the carcinogenic contaminant 1,4-Dioxane….The suit, California v. Avalon Natural Products (manufacturer of the Alba brand), also names Whole Foods Market California (manufacturer of the Whole Foods 365 brand), Beaumont Products (manufacturer of the Citrus Magic brand), and Nutribiotic.”

The Poisoning of America’s Water Supplies – Natural News 7/3/08

VW’s 660 lb, 235mpg car set for limited 2010 production, for approximately $32-48,000 – Wired 7/3/08

Tesla to supply Mercedes-Benz with lithium-ion batteries? – EnGadget 6/30/08

Tesla promises all-electric car for under $30k in under four years – EnGadget 6/30/08


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