The New Economy: Food as a Political Weapon

Stuffed and Starved: The Hidden Battle for the World’s Food System – Alternet 6/2/08


From Spam sales to rice riots – the food crisis bites – Independent, UK 6/8/08


Food Crisis: Britain just nine meals from anarchy – CounterValue 6/7/08


The Right to a Job, Food & Water, and Housing – Dissident Voice 6/21/08


Hunger and Humiliation in the Belt-Tightening Economy – CounterPunch 6/18/08


Overpopulation: The plan to poison South East Asia – Global Research 6/16/08


Few people are conscious of how the United States can use food as a political weapon – Al Jazeera 6/24/08


The US has NO remaining grain reserves – TriState Observer 6/6/08

“According to the May 1, 2008 CCC inventory report there are only 24.1 million bushels of wheat in inventory, so after this sale there will be only 5.73 million bushels of wheat left the entire CCC inventory,” warned Matlack [President of the American Agriculture Movement]. “Our concern is not that we are using the remainder of our strategic grain reserves for humanitarian relief. AAM fully supports the action and all humanitarian food relief. Our concern is that the U.S. has nothing else in our emergency food pantry. There is no cheese, no butter, no dry milk powder, no grains or anything else left in reserve. The only thing left in the entire CCC inventory will be 5.73 million bushels of wheat which is about enough wheat to make about 1/2 of a loaf of bread for each of the 300 million people in America.”


The Price of Food- 2007-2008 – Cattle Network 6/20/08


Percentage of Corn Crops Used For Ethanol – Cattle Network 6/20/08


The Human Right to Eat – CounterPunch 6/28/08


Freakonomists on the merits of local food – Treehugger 6/10/08


The Global Crisis: Food, Water and Fuel. Three Fundamental Necessities of Life in Jeopardy – Michael Chussudovsky on Global Research 6/5/08

A very sobering, worthwhile read.


You.Will.Not.Be.Able.To.Get.Food – CultureChange blog


Water Scarcity: The Real Food Crisis – Alternet 6/9/08


The Vegetable Patch Takes Root – Wall St Journal 6/5/08


Australia’s long drought withering wheat, rice supplies – National Geographic 5/29/08


Gene Giants: Climate saviors or profiteers? – RealNews via MParent 5/29/08


How Scarce Energy Resources Can Quickly Lead to Deadly Wars – Alternet 5/31/08

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