Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation – Part 1 – via Survival Acres 1/6/08


The Cholesterol Con: Where were the doctors? – Alternet 2/29/08

EXCERPT: “During the many years of the Cholesterol Con, where were the doctors? When everyone from the makers of Mazola Corn Oil to the Popes of Cardiology assured us that virtually anyone could ward off heart disease by lowering their cholesterol, why didn’t more of our doctors raise an eyebrow and warn us: “Actually, that’s not what the research shows”? No doubt, you’ve heard about the recent Business Week cover story, “Do Cholesterol Drugs Do Any Good?“, which blew the lid off the theory that “statins” — drugs like Lipitor, Crestor, Mevacor, Zocor and Pravachol — can cut the odds that you will die of a heart attack by slowing the production of cholesterol in your body and increasing the liver’s ability to remove LDL, or “bad cholesterol,” from your blood. It’s true that these drugs can help some people — but not nearly as many as we have been told. Moreover, and this is the kicker, we don’t have any clear evidence that they work by lowering cholesterol.”


Waste not, want not – CNN 2/26/08

“Sintex Industries, a plastics and textiles manufacturer in Gujarat, India, is betting it can find profit in human waste. Its new biogas digester turns human excrement, cow dung, or kitchen garbage into fuel that can be used for cooking or generating electricity, simultaneously addressing two of India’s major needs: energy and sanitation. Sintex’s digester uses bacteria to break down waste into sludge, much like a septic tank. In the process, the bacteria emit gases, mostly methane. But instead of being vented into the air, they are piped into a storage canister….The future can be glimpsed on a dusty, rutted road in a poor South Delhi neighborhood. Here 1,000 people use an immaculately clean public toilet constructed by a nonprofit foundation, the Sulabh Sanitation Movement. The biogas digester attached to toilets provides cooking gas for a 600-student school and vocational-training program the foundation runs. In the past, nongovernmental organizations like Sulabh were the only ones offering biogas digesters.”


Dangers of High Fructose Corn Syrup – FemHealth


Breaking the Nuremberg Code: The US Military’s Human Testing Program Returns – HeatherWokusch 3/6/08

EXCERPT: “The Pentagon is slated to release a suspected toxicant in Crystal City, Virginia this week, ostensibly to test air sensors. The operation is just the latest example of the Defense Department’s long history of using service members and civilians as human test subjects, often without their consent or awareness. Wray C. Forrest learned about the US military’s human-testing program the hard way. In 1973, the Army sent then 23-year-old Forrest to its Edgewood Arsenal chemical-research center in Maryland, promising patriotic service and a four-day work week. Instead, he became one of roughly 6,720 soldiers used as Edgewood Arsenal test subjects between 1950-1975.”


When Big Business Eats Organic – NYTimes 3/19/08

Animated graphic showing the purchase of organic food companies by agribusiness


Monsanto’s Genetic Food Gamble – CounterPunch 3/19/08

EXCERPT: “There have been few experiments as reckless, overhyped and with as little potential upside as the rapid rollout of genetically modified crops. Last month, the International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications – ISAAA, a pro-biotech nonprofit, released a report highlighting the proliferation of genetically modified crops. According to ISAAA, biotech crop area grew 12 percent, or 12.3 million hectares, to reach 114.3 million hectares in 2007, the second highest area increase in the past five years. For the biotech backers, this is cause to celebrate. They claim that biotech helps farmers. They say it promises to reduce hunger and poverty in developing countries. “If we are to achieve the Millennium Development Goals – MDGs of cutting hunger and poverty in half by 2015,” says Clive James, ISAAA founder and the author the just-released report, “biotech crops must play an even bigger role in the next decade.” In fact, existing genetically modified crops are hurting small farmers and failing to deliver increased food supply — and posing enormous, largely unknown risks to people and the planet.”


More Americans on prescription meds than ever – AP/Yahoo 5/15/08

“For the first time, it appears that more than half of all insured Americans are taking prescription medicines regularly for chronic health problems, a study shows.”


$16 Billion environmental suit against Chevron by Ecuadorean IndigenousChristian Science Monitor 4/9/08

EXCERPT: “Mr. Cabrera, an Ecuadorean geological engineer, recommended to an Ecuadorean judge last Tuesday that Chevron pay $8 billion to $16 billion for environmental damages if the company loses a bitterly contested case that started in 1993 with a lawsuit in New York courts, which ruled that the case should be tried in Ecuador. The Ecuadorean case, which Chevron has repeatedly rejected as flawed, is one of the largest environmental suits against an oil company and could raise the political risks for multinationals extracting resources from similar remote and pristine regions…. Texaco, bought by Chevron in 2001, operated as a minority partner in an oil venture with Ecuador’s state-owned oil company, Petroecuador, from the 1970s to 1992, when Petroecuador took full control of operations. Chevron has long claimed that Petroecuador is responsible for the environmental damages. Still, lawyers for the plaintiffs – who say Texaco dumped 18 billion gallons of toxic waste into unlined pits, rivers, and streams here – hailed Cabrera’s report as a milestone.”


Make your own eco-friendly cosmetics – via Treehugger 4/28/08


How much land to power the world on solar? – Der Spiegel via Treehugger 4/24/08


Natural Products Association: Defining, Identifying and Promoting All Natural Products


Bioneers: Groundbreaking Ways to Save the Earth: Interview with Kenny Ausbel – Alternet 10/19/07


Shell pulls out of big wind farm project – Business Week 5/2/08

EXCERPT: “Environmental groups and politicians criticised Shell for its decision to put its one-third stake in the £2bn project, which is projected to generate 1gw of emission-free energy—enough to power a quarter of London households—up for sale. The announcement was made days after Shell revealed it had earned $7.7bn profit in the first quarter of 2008. In its annual $27bn investment programme, renewable energy is barely visible. The Environment Secretary Hilary Benn called the decision “very disappointing. A lot of people would want to understand why this was the case… in a week in which the company announced record profits”.


Monsanto Whistleblower says GMO crops may cause disease – Global Research 11/19/06


US scientists discover switch to ‘turn off’ HIV – XinhuaNet 3/18/08


UN chief calls for review of biofuels policy – Guardian UK 4/5/08


Review raises questions over aspartame and brain health – FoodQualityNews 4/3/08


The AutoImmune Epidemic: Bodies Gone Haywire in a World Out of Balance – Alternet 3/19/08


Cops and former Secret Service ran black ops on green groups – MotherJones 4/11/08


Read the internal documents that expose former Secret Service agents who went through Greenpeace’s trash – MotherJones 4/11/08

EXCERPT: “A Mother Jones exclusive investigation has revealed that a security firm run by cops and former Secret Service agents spied on Greenpeace, Fenton Communications, the Center for Food Safety, and other progressive groups. The most interesting company communiques you weren’t supposed to see? Check out the glow-in-the-dark Taco Bell emails and the handwritten notes about which green groups to dumpster-dive in D.C. We’ve made them public for the first time; they’re available on the site here. You’ll have to read James Ridgeway’s story itself to find out about the Mary Kay cosmetics, Obama, and Scientology angles, though. Yes, it’s weird. Wait’ll you get to the Greenpeace undercover operatives part.”


Scandal at the Sierra Club: The Clorox Coup – CounterPunch 3/31/08


Oil Giant BP’s role in ‘biggest environmental crisis’ – Alternet 3/31/08


Mining forces thousands from South Africa – BBC 3/25/08

“Nearly 20,000 South Africans have been displaced by mining giant Anglo American in its search for platinum, a BBC File on 4 investigation has found. It was also shown evidence the UK-based firm had polluted water sources and scores of miners had been killed.”


On a Remote Path to Cures – NYTimes 1/1/08

Ethnobotany and the Exploitation of the Indigineous


The Six Sins of Greenwashing – TerraChoice

Green-wash – green’wash’, -wôsh’ – verb: the act of misleading consumers regarding the environmental practices of a company or the environmental benefits of a product or service.



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