Do Elections Count?: Vote Fraud Update
June 11, 2008, 4:42 pm
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West Virginia attempts to end voter fraud – Raw Story 5/13/08


Robocalls gave false voting information to NC voters – TPMuckraker 4/29/08


Election Day in Florida may look familiar – NYTimes 4/28/08

Election Day may end up looking oddly familiar. According to independent elections experts at Pew’s Electionline.org and other organizations, it is now harder to vote here than in nearly every other state in the nation. Some critics predict that tens of thousands of potential voters will be kept off the rolls — many of them poor, black or Hispanic.”


Obama campaign charging voting problems in Pennsylvania – Raw Story 4/22/08


Variety of Pennsylvania primary voting issues – BradBlog 4/22/08


1.1 Million purged from Indiana voter rolls – BradBlog 5/5/08


PA primary results listed on State Dept website three times, with three different results – BradBlog 4/24/08


GOP objects to bill allowing recounts – Politico 4/25/08

EXCERPT: “Voting rights activists who hoped the federal government would help local governments pay for paper trails and audits for electronic voting machines have gone from elation to frustration as they watched Republicans who supported such a proposal in committee vote against bringing it to the House floor.  The result: The elections in November will likely be marred by the same accusations of fraud and error involving voting machines that arose in the aftermath of the 2004 presidential race.”


Good News: Paper ballots for New York State – BradBlog 4/23/08


Republican Offenders 1998-2008

A list of Republican felons and their indicted brethren.  We need a list of convicted Democrats as well.


Election Fraud in Pennsylvania – Scoop New Zealand 4/20/08

EXCERPT: “Almost 90 percent of Pennsylvanians will vote using touch screen voting machines that have no paper record of votes cast. Once you touch the screen, the machine can count your vote any way it’s programmed. It can even give you a receipt indicating you voted for Smith and count your vote for Jones. These touch screens total their own votes, invisibly and without any outside checks. We can’t watch and even if we could, we wouldn’t know what to look for. Our election boards routinely sign contracts agreeing that the computer programs that count our votes are the trade secrets of the e-voting machine companies, no peeking. The companies even “refuse to promise that their products will work.”


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