International News Round-Up
June 10, 2008, 6:13 am
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Dutch government bans electronic voting – IDG 5/19/08


The Militarization and Annexation of North America: The Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) unmasked – Global Research 7/19/07


Russia and China condemn US missile ‘defense’ shield plan – BBC 5/23/08


The Real Good Life: An entire village turns against supermarkets and grows its’ own food – Daily Mail UK 4/14/08


Why Bhutan matters to India and China – Business Week 5/16/08


Future of North America: Vancouver 2010, coronation of the North American ‘Community’ – Global Research 3/15/08


New Zealand to spend $164 Million to immunize 12-13 yr old girls, presumably against cervical cancer / human papillomavirus – Stuff 5/2/08


26 CIA employees on trial in Italy for kidnapping, fugitives from justice – CQPolitics 4/19/08


China’s rain free Olympic plan met with skepticism – National Geographic 4/23/08


China down to 12 days of coal – AFP/Australian 4/23/08


Police to investigate if Israeli PM Olmert received illegal funds while governor of Jerusalem – CNN 5/7/08


Bolivian president Evo Morales rejects autonomy vote – AP/Raw Story 5/4/08


History of Israel: Key Events – BBC


Latin American leaders in food price pact – BBC 4/24/08

EXCERPT: Summit host, President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, said the food crisis was “the biggest demonstration of the historic failure of the capitalist model”.  He told fellow leaders that they needed to create a distribution network “so we don’t fall into the hands of intermediaries and speculators, which stop millions from receiving food”


Pakistan’s New Daughter of Destiny?: An Exclusive Interview with Fatima Bhutto – CounterPunch 5/3/08


Canada’s C-51 Law To Outlaw 60% of Natural Health Products – Global Research 4/30/08


Turkey plans to sell rivers and lakes to corporations – Alternet 4/23/08

EXCERPT: “Abdullah Aysu, President of the Peasants’ Federation, spoke passionately against government policies for privatising agricultural irrigation. The plans to replace management by rural cooperatives with a system of concession rights sold to private firms would have disastrous consequences for subsistence farmers and their communities, who would lose their rights to local water resources. Groundwater in rural areas is seriously depleted due to uncontrolled drilling, but commercialization is not the answer. The only real solution to these problems, Aysu explained, is to shift to a more natural model of agriculture, which he described as “ecological democracy.”
Water privatisation is not an entirely new phenomenon in Turkey. There are private water supply contracts in Arpacay and Corlu, as well as widespread outsourcing and subcontracting of the water supply across the country. In the city of Antalya, French water giant Suez pulled-out six years into a 10-year contract after the municipality rejected their demand for another price increase. The prices had already risen 130 percent and the company had failed to invest what was promised.
The new, more far-reaching wave of privatisation now orchestrated by the Turkish government, has already run into problems in a number of places. At the Istanbul conference, Dr. Ertugrul Tanrikulu of the “Edirne Water is Life Platform” talked about a serious corruption case that happened in the context of the planned privatisation in the city of Edirne. Earlier the same month, nineteen people were arrested, including the city’s mayor Hamdi Sedefci and representatives from companies involved in the tender. A consortium of three Turkish companies had won the tender for 30-year contract to run the city’s water, which also included installing water meters with an advance payment system. The consortium had placed an employee in the municipal department and distorted the tender conditions in their own favour. A police investigation revealed that the consortium was also planning to use corruption to influence water privatisation in nine other Turkish cities.”


Poisoned Harvest: The Green Revolution Backfires in India – BBC 4/26/08


Will the CIA kill or oust Ecuador’s Correa? – Future of Freedom Foundation 4/22/08

EXCERPT: “Ecuador’s president Rafael Correa may not be long for this world, both in a political sense and in genuine life-or-death sense. He recently fired his defense minister, army chief of intelligence, and commanders of the army, air force, and joint chiefs. Why might those firings cost Correa his job or even his life? Because the reason he fired them was that Ecuador’s intelligence systems were “totally infiltrated and subjugated to the CIA.” As other rulers around the world, including democratically elected ones, have learned the hard way, bucking the CIA is a real no-no that sometimes leads to coups and assassinations.”


Ex-cleric wins Paraguayan presidency, ending a party’s 62-year rule – NYTimes 4/21/08

EXCERPT: “Mr. Lugo tapped into a deep frustration with single-party rule in Paraguay. He accused the Colorado Party of entrenched patronage and corruption, a theme that resonated with voters. Paraguay has struggled since the Stroessner days to rid itself of a reputation for being among the most-corrupt countries in Latin America….While he has sought to reject being labeled, Mr. Lugo has socialist tendencies resembling those of South American leaders elected in the past decade, including Evo Morales of Bolivia and Hugo Chávez of Venezuela. Mr. Lugo has talked about reforming the agrarian sector and redistributing wealth to more of Paraguay’s poor. He said in an interview that he might consider increasing export tariffs on agricultural producers.”

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