When Technology Is Used Against Us

US researchers trying to create contagious avian flu pandemic – Cryptogon 3/1/08

I’ve seen this story dozens of times over the past couple years; this article brings together alot of them.


What if the 1918 Spanish flu broke out now? – NYTimes 3/23/08 


Corner Shot takes the guesswork out of urban warfare – CNet 12/20/07 


ScanEagle drones keep an eye on the enemy – USA Today 3/24/08


CCTV busting infra-red headset makes you invisible – Wired 2/21/08


Air Force wants to counter the sat-killers, ASAP – Wired 3/17/08 


San Jose CA police to use sound weapon – w/video; InfoWars 2/25/08


University of Michigan creates most intense laser ever – EnGadget 2/16/08


Scanned pictures from “Masquerade: The Amazing Camouflage Deceptions of WWII” – StrangeHarvest blog


With Video: Military exo-skeleton becomes frightening reality – EnGadget 11/25/07 


With Video: Carnegie Mellon’s Crusher robot getting $14 Million upgrade – CNet 12/3/07


EXCERPT: “Carnegie Mellon University will upgrade its 6.5-ton robot mobile, the “Crusher,” by adding advanced suspension and hybrid-electric innards as part of a $14.4 million Army grant meant to push the envelope for unmanned ground vehicles…Onboard sensors and a program called PerceptOR allow the vehicle to perceive and autonomously navigate in complex, off-road environments by fusing geometric and color sensors, GPS, odometry, and other data. It can also integrate a UAV, or “Flying Eye,” that floats ahead of ground vehicles “to detect holes and other hazards.”

Reminds me of the kill-dozer 


Researchers developing shape-shifting robots who can form magnetic

swarms. Prototype robots use electromagnetic forces to manoeuvre themselves, communicate, and even share power. – New Scientist 1/29/08

Implants create insect cyborgs – Live Science 2/4/08

EXCERPT: “Cornell University researchers have succeeded in implanting electronic circuit probes into tobacco hornworms as early pupae. The hornworms pass through the chrysalis stage to mature into long-lived moths whose muscles can be controlled with the implanted electronics.”

Microchips Everywhere: A Future Vision – AP via Cryptogon 1/28/08

Pentagon prepping non-lethal light and sound weapon: the pukelight

EnGadget 12/13/07

Microwave beam used to disable cars in nanoseconds – DiscoveryChannel 11/29/07

Thales develops Indoor Positioning System – EnGadget 12/13/07

24 more armed robots on order for $40 Million – Wired 2/28/08

Mobile phones more dangerous than smoking – Independent UK 3/31/08 

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