Maintaining the Illusion of Democracy: Election Fraud and other Campaign ’08 news

An Election Without Meaning – Dissident Voice 3/22/08

In case you missed The Onion: Diebold accidentally leaks election results early

Video: Electronic Elections: Vote Fraud in the 21st century – 10 minutes, YouTube

“Intended as both an introduction to the subject and a call to action, “Electronic Elections: Vote Fraud in the 21st Century” is a short-format viral video designed to draw attention to one of the many urgent problems surrounding our modern voting system – the clear and present danger of electronic vote fraud.” This video contains clips from several informative documentaries.

City Hall to Prison Walls: My Fall From Grace – Old School Vote Fraud in Chicago – MyFallFromGrace book’s website

Let’s call the Superdelegate Process what it is: Election Rigging – Alternet 2/21/08

US Presidential Election can be hacked – IDG/PC World 4/10/08



Bad voter lists may have botched New Mexico’s Democratic Caucus – Alternet 2/8/08

“Democratic party officials in New Mexico may have used an incomplete list of registered voters on Super Tuesday — prepared for the secretary of state by a private vendor — causing nearly 13 percent of Democrats to find they were not on precinct voter rolls when they showed up to choose a presidential nominee.” …”Late on Thursday, National Public Radio reported that New Mexico’s Democratic Party would recount all 2008 caucus ballots. It was impossible to confirm that report, as the party was not answering phone calls or returning emails.”

Uncounted Rio Arriba County, NM ballots raise eyebrows – BradBlog 2/6/08

Party Official Kept Uncounted Ballot Boxes at Home Overnight as 200 Vote Margin Currently Seen in New Mexico’s Democratic Caucus; 17,000 Voters Forced to Vote on Provisional Ballots After Being Dropped from Registration Rolls ‘Maintained’ by SoS and Voting Machine Company, ES&S

New Mexico’s Corporate Media Cover Up the Coverage of GOP/Heather Wilson ‘Vote Buying’ Scandal – BradBlog 3/11/08

EXCERPT: “A Week After it Broke, the Albuquerque Journal Reports and Buries the Laura MacCallum Story, Demonstrating Again Why the Blogosphere is so Crucial…After waiting nearly a week, the Albuquerque Journal on Sunday finally published a story about Laura MacCallum quitting her job as KKOB Radio’s afternoon drive time anchor. What a pathetic story it was, though. It shows why the blogosphere is daily becoming more powerful and why more and more people are turning away from traditional media sources for their news. The fact is, those traditional sources can’t be trusted to tell us what’s really going on, especially when it comes to their own industry. MaCallum quit because KKOB News Director Pat Allen pulled her stories about allegations of vote buying at the recent sate Republican Party’s pre-primary conventions. Allen caved after getting complaints from Heather Wilson’s U.S. Senate campaign and from state Republican Party officials. (See BRAD BLOG’s Special Coverage Page on the scandal here.) The Journal’s — this newspaper is the largest media outlet in the state — seven-paragraph story, buried on page B4, fails to mention that it was Wilson’s campaign that did the complaining. It didn’t go into detail about the vote-buying scandal, and it said nothing about Allen’s memo to MacCallum that he didn’t think the stories were valid because other media outlets and bloggers hadn’t picked them up…”


Texas caucus precinct chair identifies discrepancies – Daily Texan 3/7/08

Police get involved in dispute at Dallas precinct center – Dallas Morning News 3/5/08

EXCERPT: “Election volunteers trailed former Dallas City Council member Sandra Crenshaw, who was serving as a precinct chairwoman, through Oak Cliff late Tuesday. They allege that she sent away hundreds of angry convention-goers and told them she was taking sign-in documents favoring Barack Obama home to “correct them.”

Investigation launched into vote stealing – local Click2Houston TV 3/4/08

“Precinct Judge Edna Russell told Local 2 Investigates that some senior citizen voters had to be turned away because absentee ballots had already been mailed in using their names.”

Gas leak, other voting problems make it a long day – Houston Chronicle 3/5/08

OHIO ‘08

Ballot shortages plague Ohio – NYTimes 3/5/08

Bomb scare, power outage stalls vote temporarily in Lake County Ohio – Adap2k 3/4/08


Mistakes in Washington state GOP caucus race acknowledged – local King 5 TV 2/11/08

Clearwater post office loses 1,100 absentee ballots – Tampa Bay’s 10 local TV 3/16/08

Up to 100K LA voters votes not counted – via Raw Story 2/12/08


Ohio’s Voting Machines Officially a Crime Scene – FreePress 3/17/08

EXCERPT: “At least 15 touch-screen voting machines that produced improbable numbers in Ohio’s 2006 statewide election are now under double-lock in an official crime scene. And the phony “Homeland Security Alert” used by Republicans to build up George W. Bush’s 2004 vote count in a key southwestern Ohio county has come under new scrutiny.”

Ex-US Attorney cites GOP Voter Abuse – Consortium News 3/17/08

EXCERPT: “The Justice Department issued a directive to every U.S. Attorney in the country to find and prosecute cases of voter fraud in their states during the height of hotly contested elections in 2002, 2004, and 2006, even though evidence of such abuses was extremely thin or non-existent, a former federal prosecutor says in a new book.”

8 plead guilty to 2006 election fraud – USA Today 4/3/08

FBI ignored threats to black voters – Alternet 4/1/08

Warren County OH’s 2004 Election Lockdown Gets Some Attention – BradBlog 3/16/08

EXCERPT: “With more than 3,000 counties in the United States of America, only heavily Republican Warren County, Ohio — one of the last to report election results in the Buckeye State that night — took action on Election Night 2004 to lock out members of the public and the media from their tabulation room. The president of the county’s Board of Commissioners claimed at the time that during a “face-to-face meeting between the FBI and our director of emergency services we were informed that on a scale from one to 10…Warren County in particular was rated at 10, 10 being the top highest risk.” Nobody, however, in Warren County has ever named the supposed FBI official who gave the warning, and to this day, the director of the county’s Department of Emergency Services, Frank R. Young, will not reveal the name of the official with whom he claims he spoke, even as the FBI maintains “there was no information given to Warren County of an imminent terrorist threat to that county or to Southern Ohio,” and that “None of our agents…advised of any type of any terrorist threat or anything like that.” Additionally, no one has ever been held accountable for what happened.”

GAO: Voting machines not to blame for 2006 Florida irregularities – CNet 2/8/08


Princeton Professor: Sequoia Voting Machine Failure in New Jersey Worse Than Thought – BradBlog 4/5/08

Diebold Stock Soars After $3 Billion Takeover Bid by Defense Contractor Conglomerate United Technologies (BradBlog 3/3/08)

UTC Chairman Says Irresponsible Republican Voting Machine Company an ‘Excellent Fit’ in Letter Explaining Hostile Offer, Twice Rejected by Diebold.

Do you want a defense contractor administering elections?

EXCERPT: “As The BRAD BLOG has covered in detail over the years, Diebold, the 150-year old company and second largest American manufacturer of faulty, hackable, error-prone voting systems, faces myriad financial and legal problems. It is currently under investigation by the SEC, under investigation by the DoJ, is facing a Securities Fraud Class Action suit, was recently forced to restate earnings to admit that it had overstated its election business in 2007 by some 300% in the wake of report after report showing its voting systems to be failures, leading a number of states to decertify many of their voting machines. Last month the firm announced planned layoffs of 5% of its workforce, some 800 employees, as its share price continued to dive. As well, the company may be facing still more fraud suits and liabilities in the future in the wake of problems and failures with its voting machines found with alarming consistency in state after state.”

Sequoia Machines Report Inaccurate Totals in New Jersey – BradBlog 2/20/08

EXCERPT: “The Newark Star-Ledger is reporting that New Jersey election officials have found a discrepancy in the state’s Primary Election results as reported on the Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) voting machines used on Super Tuesday. Voter totals reported by the internal paper tapes on their Sequoia AVC Advantage DRE in a number of counties are failing to match up with totals found on the memory cartridges, used for both ballot definition and results storage, on the same machines”

Sequoia Voting Systems Threatens Princeton Researchers With Lawsuit – BradBlog 3/17/08

EXCERPT: “Sequoia Voting Systems has sent a legal threat to Princeton University computer science professors Ed Felten and Andrew Appel warning them of legal action should they proceed with an analysis of New Jersey’s touch-screen voting machines as unanimously recommended last week by an association representing election clerks across the state. In a terse email sent last Friday, obtained today by The BRAD BLOG, Sequoia’s Edwin Smith, Vice-President of Compliance/Quality/Certification, warns the university academics that the company has “retained counsel to stop any infringement of our intellectual properties, including any non-compliant analysis.” “We will also take appropriate steps to protect against any publication of Sequoia software, its behavior, reports regarding same or any other infringement of our intellectual property,” Smith threatens.”

Check out who Sequoia Voting Systems chose for an external audit – as opposed to Princeton, whom they’ve threatened to sue – BradBlog 3/25/08

EXCERPT: “But, as if the constant predilections of Sequoia VPs Michelle Shafer and Edwin Smith to slap “kick me” signs on their own backs wasn’t enough, they then went on to release another statement last Thursday announcing they were commissioning their own “external review” of their own voting systems “that includes review by an independent company,” which nobody has ever heard of. So who is this “Kwaidan Consulting of Houston, Texas,” whom the geniuses at Sequoia have selected to carry out their independent, third-party review? You’re not gonna be believe this one… Kwaidan appears to be little more than one guy by the name of Mike Gibbons, whose MySpace page, until last week (cached version here), boasted of wanting most to meet “A well endowed blonde nymphomaniac (half my age or take the difference of her bustline and waistline added to her current age) that likes to be under the influence of Jim Beam whiskey in a dimly lit room at least 3 times a week.”


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