Campaign ’08: Ron Paul Update
April 19, 2008, 6:22 pm
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Ron Paul on Glenn Beck on the Federal Reserve ( YouTube 4/2/08 )


Why Ron Paul Isn’t ‘Just Quitting’ ( NewsWeek 3/20/08 )


Ron Paul on the Economy in Forbes ( 3/4/08 )

EXCERPT: “We asked each campaign to submit 500 to 1,000 words on the issues they believe are the most important ones facing the nation at this moment in time. Here is what Ron Paul had to say.” — “Unless we embrace fundamental reforms, we will be caught in a financial storm that will humble this great country as no foreign enemy ever could. However, we can find safe harbor in our ideals. Reclaiming our historic legacy of principled commitment to liberty will, once again, unleash the innovative spirit that propelled our nation to heights of prosperity never before achieved in human history.”


Alabama Republican Assembly endorses Ron Paul ( Yahoo 1/26/08 )


Ron Paul has won more straw polls than any other candidate. ( RonPaul2008 )


In New York, Ron Paul’s name crossed off as if he’d dropped out ( via MParent 2/6/08 )


Montana Kaimin Newspaper: Ron Paul Supporters, We Were Wrong ( 2/7/08 )

“Last night, Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul won more delegates than any other candidate at the Missoula County Republican Caucus. Despite the now obviously high levels of support, the Montana Kaimin did not run a single article on Paul, nor did we include him in our election prediction scorecard. To Paul supporters in Missoula, and specifically at the University of Montana, the Montana Kaimin regrets this omission. In excluding Paul, we stifled both his message and supporters. Cutting people out of the political process is anything but democratic, as several readers have correctly pointed out.”


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