Campaign ’08: Why I won’t vote for Clinton
April 18, 2008, 7:15 am
Filed under: 2008 election, clinton, fascism, hypocrisy, news, politics, war
Top 10 Myths Keeping Hillary in the Race ( Alternet 4/1/08 )
Hillary and the biggest campaign finance scandal you’ve never heard of ( YouTube )
Clinton and Obama on the Cluster Bomb Vote ( Media Bloodhound 2/5/08 )
The vote was to ban the user of cluster bombs in civilian areas only: Clinton voted against the bill (for cluster bombs killing civilians), and Obama voted for the bill.
Hillary Clinton: A Bilderberg Presidency ( Old Thinker News 11/8/07 )
Hillary’s ‘Mommy Knows Best’ Progressivism ( Pajamas Media 2/7/08 )
1 in 5 of Clinton’s biggest donors tied to 1996 campaign finance scandal ( Washington Times 2/8/08 )
Yes, the Washington Times is full of Moonies. Doesn’t detract from facts.
Members of the Secret Service dish on Hillary ( NewsMax 2/7/08 )
Hillary’s Lies: Darfur, Rwanda, Bosnia ( BlogCritics 3/24/08 )
Clinton’s Lie Kills Her Credibility on Trade Policy ( The Nation/Yahoo 3/20/08 )
Hillary’s Nasty Pastorate ( The Nation/CBS 3/20/08 )
Why Clinton didn’t jump on the anti-Wright bandwagon – you should hear what her preachers say! 
How Clinton and Obama Can Run Together and Take Turns Being President ( Slate 3/21/08 )
Wring a few more drops from that damned piece of paper they call the Constitution…



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