Campaign ’08: Why I Won’t Vote For Obama
Why I Won’t Vote for Barack Obama ( Dissident Voice 3/27/08 )
Right on.


Obama’s Mercenary Position ( The Nation 2/27/08 )
Obama says he ‘won’t rule out’ the use of private security forces in Iraq. After declining to answer questions, the day after this article went online, Clinton announced she’s co-sponsoring legislation to ban private mercenary firms in Iraq. Nice timing, brazen opportunist.
Obama claims irregularities in Louisiana ( Politico 2/8/08 )
7 Things to Know About Rezko Trial ( Chicago Sun Times 3/3/08 )
7 Questions Clinton Wants Obama to Answer About Rezko ( National Review 3/3/08 )
Clinton and Obama on the Cluster Bomb Vote ( Media Bloodhound 2/5/08 )
The vote was to ban the user of cluster bombs in civilian areas only: Clinton voted against the bill (for cluster bombs killing civilians), and Obama voted for the bill.
How Clinton and Obama Can Run Together and Take Turns Being President ( Slate 3/21/08 )
Wring a few more drops from that damn piece of paper they call the Constitution…

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