Straight Talk About John ‘Songbird’ McCain

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John McCain and the New Fascism – Political Inquirer 2/21/08


Top 10 Craziest Things McCain Has Said When You Weren’t Looking – Alternet 3/29/08


McCain won’t rule out pre-emptive war – AP/Yahoo 4/9/08


Insane McCain would ‘confront Russia and China’ – Telegraph UK 4/14/08


McCain vote-skipping leads to laughable hypocrisy – Mother Jones 3/16/08

John McCain skips more votes in the Senate than just about anyone, once going five straight weeks without voting. The media doesn’t make that big of a deal out of McCain’s habit of skipping out on his day job, but this newest development can’t be ignored. McCain went before a Philadelphia town hall today and called for action on law enforcement, worker education, and VA health care. But just yesterday he missed votes in the Senate that remedied problems in these three areas.”


McCain’s Nuclear Waste – MotherJones 3/4/08

How the Arizona senator doomed his own global warming legislation with billions in nuclear subsidies.


Video: McCain on Letterman calls for national re-education program and says the war in Iraq is to protect Israel from Iran –  MParent 4/2/08


McCain Returns $3Million to Donors so he can qualify for public funding – Washington Post 4/4/08


McCain is betting big on Iraq – LA Times 3/23/08


Two McCain Moments Rarely Mentioned -( NYTimes 3/24/08

EXCERPT: “What Mr. McCain almost never mentions are two extraordinary moments in his political past that are at odds with the candidate of the present: His discussions in 2001 with Democrats about leaving the Republican Party, and his conversations in 2004 with Senator John Kerry about becoming Mr. Kerry’s running mate on the Democratic presidential ticket. There are wildly divergent versions of both episodes, depending on whether Democrats or Mr. McCain and his advisers are telling the story. The Democrats, including Mr. Kerry, say that not only did Mr. McCain express interest but that it was his camp that initially reached out to them. Mr. McCain and his aides counter that in both cases the Democrats were the suitors and Mr. McCain the unwilling bride.”


Asked if he had regrets about saying the US could be in Iraq another 100 years, McCain said “The U.S. could have a military presence anywhere in the world for a long period of time.” – with video, Good Morning America via ThinkProgress 2/20/08


McCain and PNAC – Lauden Gloriae blog 3/13/08


McCain Revealed: A Briefing Book – AFL-CIO


Using McCain’s Own Statements – MotherJones 3/16/08

‘Songbird’ McCain, ‘Traitor’ McCain, ‘Flip Flop’ McCain….


Video: McCain on Letterman calls for national re-education program and says the war in Iraq is to protect Israel from Iran –  MParent 4/2/08


McCain continues torture flip-flopping on 60 Minutes – with video, Raw Story 3/10/08


Flashback: McCain called Chalabi a ‘patriot’ who had ‘Iraq’s best interests at heart’ – Uruknet 3/9/08

EXCERPT: “Iraqi exile leader Ahmad Chalabi was one of the most sordid figures in the run-up to the Iraq war. Paid by the Bush administration to muster pre-war intelligence, Chalabi drummed up claims that Saddam Hussein had WMD, helping lead the United States into war. More recently, he promoted the “surge” to the Iraqi government.”


The Myth of McCain’s Impeccable National Security Credentials –  Walter Uhler blog 3/5/08


Is Nader purposefully aiding McCain? – Salon 2/29/08


John McCain’s New Ad: War War War Glory Country War – with video, MotherJones 4/3/08

“John McCain’s new web video entitled “Sacrifice” is 2:45 of non-stop war-fetishizing. His campaign might as well have played a loop of an American flag waving with fighter jets screeching past. Or heck, even 2:45 of Gladiator starring Russell Crowe.
Here’s a word count:
“War”: 7           “Duty”: 2           “Honor”: 2        “Valor”: 2         “Country”/”nation”: 5
“Loyalty”: 3       “Glory”: 5         “God”: 1 (just for good measure)”


Jewish leader calls McCain backer John Hagee ‘extremist’ – Yahoo 4/2/08

EXCERPT: “The leader of the largest branch of American Judaism said Wednesday that synagogues in the movement shouldn’t work with the Rev. John Hagee, a Christian Zionist, calling him an “extremist” on Israeli policy who disparages other faiths.”


The Pastor of Armageddon and the Slave Sale: McCain, Lieberman and Rev. Hagee – CounterPunch 3/29/08


The Christian Nationalism of John McCain – Talk2Action 4/11/08




What the Times Didn’t Tell Us About McCain: the real story behind McCain/Iseman – Alternet 2/27/08


McCain: The Anti-Lobbyist, Advised by Lobbyists – Washington Post 2/22/08


McCain interceded for donors, records show – Boston Globe 1/9/00

EXCERPT: “Senator John McCain raised nearly $90,000 from broadcast and telecommunications companies in four instances shortly before or after he interceded on their behalf with federal regulators in 1998 and 1999, according to campaign records”


Two top McCain advisors lobbied for predatory lenders – Raw Story 3/31/08


Telecom lobbyists tied to McCain – USA Today 3/23/08

EXCERPT: “Republican presidential candidate John McCain has condemned the influence of “special interest lobbyists,” yet dozens of lobbyists have political and financial ties to his presidential campaign — particularly from telecommunications companies, an industry he helps oversee in the Senate. Of the 66 current or former lobbyists working for the Arizona senator or raising money for his presidential campaign, 23 have lobbied for telecommunications companies in the past decade, Senate lobbying disclosures show. McCain has netted about $765,000 in political donations from those telecom lobbyists, their spouses, colleagues at their firms and their telecom clients during the past decade, a USA TODAY analysis of campaign-finance records shows. It’s unclear how much more money those lobbyists have raised for McCain. Eighteen of them are listed by the campaign as “bundlers,” which are major fundraisers. McCain doesn’t disclose how much each bundler has raised — unlike Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama, who categorize their bundlers by the amount they raise. For example, Clinton’s “Hillraisers” have brought in more than $100,000 each.”


Is John McCain a Crook? – Slate 2/18/00

This article comes down on the ‘hey, everybody was doing it, so he’d be a fool not to’ side


Remember the Keating Five? McCain’s own standards would have hung him – National Review 4/5/01


McCain’s successful attempt to spike recent NYTimes Keating Five story, which he denies – DeathBy1000PaperCuts blog and Huffington Post 12/20/07

His denial was interesting: “I have not been in talks with The New York Times. They’ve been communicating with our staff and with us,” McCain said. “I’ve never done any favors for anybody — lobbyist or special interest group — that’s a clear, 24-year record.”.
24 years, back to 1983? Obviously not true; isn’t this why everyone needs to hear about his role in the Keating Five!


McCain, the most reprehensible of the Keating Five – Phoenix New Times 11/29/89


Two of the last NYTimes articles on Keating Five: “Senate Inquiry in Keating Case Tested McCain” (NYTimes 11/21/99) and “Responding to criticism, McCain releases letters” (NYTimes 1/9/00)


McCain fortune tied to organized crime – via MParent 2/26/08


ABC: No question McCain intervention helped Airbus – via Raw Story 3/13/08

EXCERPT: “European Aeronautic Defense and Space Co. and Northop Grumman Corp. were awarded a $35 billion Pentagon contract last month to build new Air Force tankers, instead of Boeing Co., and the Seattle-based company is formally challenging the agreement. Boeing‘s complaint asks the Government Accountability Office to make sure the EADS contract is fair. McCain pushed for EADS to get the contract, and his campaign employs three former EADS lobbyists, although there is no specific evidence of impropriety, according to ABC.”




Vietnam Veterans Against John McCain .com


How War Hero John McCain Betrayed the Vietnamese Peasant Who Saved His Life – Daily Mail UK 3/23/08


Skeletons in the Closet – John MCCain – RealChange


Top cop says McCain was never tortured – Prison Planet 2/7/08

EXCERPT: “A former Vietnam veteran with top secret clearance says he has personally spoken to numerous POW’s who dispute John McCain’s claim that he refused to provide information after he was captured and tortured in Hanoi, saying that in fact McCain’s code-name was “Songbird” because of his willingness to tell all to avoid torture.”
“Jack McLamb served nine years in secret operations in Cambodia and other nations before going on to become one of the most highly decorated police officer’s in Phoenix history, winning police officer of the year twice before taking a role as a hostage negotiator for the FBI. “I know a lot of Vietnam veterans and a few POW’s and all the POW’s that I’ve talked to over the years say that John McCain is a lying skunk,” McLamb told the Alex Jones Show.”




Delicate Proposal: McCain-Sandford – Wall St Journal 3/29/08

EXCERPT: “Other governors mentioned in the veepstakes parlor game include Minnesota’s Tim Pawlenty, a young leader in a key state and McCain loyalist through the dark days of this campaign; Mississippi’s Haley Barbour, who brings conservative credentials and strong ties to the South; and Florida’s Charlie Crist, a popular head of a battleground state who helped propel Sen. McCain to a critical victory in the primary there. Mr. Sanford’s name has popped up partly because of his involvement in the 2000 campaign, when he co-chaired the South Carolina team.”
“After a nasty battle, Sen. McCain lost that primary to George W. Bush. The beating motivated McCain strategists to spend the next eight years building an elaborate organization that resembled the Bush machine that had beaten them. Among many of their strategies: get McCain supporters elected to influential state posts so they could call on them during this campaign cycle. As if on cue, Mr. Sanford rose within the South Carolina Republican Party. As governor, he began speaking at conservative think tanks — such as the Heritage Foundation and the Cato Institute — and continues to do so. Shortly after Mr. Sanford was re-elected governor in 2006, the McCain campaign began seeking his support for 2008. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R., S.C.), who is close with both men, led the effort. McCain supporters were optimistic. But the endorsement never came. In the spring of 2007, Mr. Sanford says he told the campaign he would not be offering his official support.”


Queen of Kansas – Lawrence Journal World & News 3/4/08

EXCERPT: “Governor Kathleen Sebelius has been making a name for herself on the national stage recently, fueling rumors that she is destine for bigger arenas than Topeka, Kansas. Gov. Sebelius is on the short list to be Barak Obama’s Vice Presidential running mate as he gets closer to securing the nomination…In January Gov. Sebelius was bestowed the honor of delivering the Democratic response to President Bush’s last State of the Union Address, which was viewed by millions of people across the world. She has also been making constant headlines with her historic battle against coal plants being built in western Kansas. Currently the Democratic Governor has a 64% approval rating in the traditionally conservative state of Kansas. However, Gov. Sebelius’ most telling sign that she is heading for bigger things might be her invitation and attendance at the 2007 meeting of the notorious Bilderberg Group in Istanbul, Turkey. The Bilderberg Group is a collection of the world’s most elite and powerful people who secretly meet once a year among tremendous mystery and security. The conferences attendees are sworn to secrecy and are under strict instructions to not divulge what goes on at the conference to outside sources.”

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Comment by BrianB

After doing some research on McCain’s Vietnam record (Songbird), the USS Forrestal incident, the Keating 5, lobbyist connections, etc., what I am left wondering is how he ever got the GOP nomination. What do the crooks have up their sleeves? It’s also pretty obvious that he changes his story from moment to moment…makes you wonder how he acted as a POW. But, the real question is the one already asked. There must be a contingency plan in place, hopefully not an “October surprise”. His health?

Comment by Carol Burns

Does Palin Support McCain’s bill—Indefinite Detention of Citizens On Mere Suspicion?

Are You Scheduled For Government Interrogation If McCain’s bill 3081 Is Passed?

On March 4, 2010, Sen. John McCain introduced S.3081, The “Enemy Belligerent Interrogation, Detention, and Prosecution Act of 2010.”

Sen. McCain’s S.3081 would eliminate several Constitutional protections allowing Government to arbitrarily pick up Americans on mere suspicion—with no probable cause. Your political opinions and statements made against U.S. Government could be used by Authorities to deem you a “hostile” “Enemy Belligerent” to cause your arrest and indefinite detention. S.3081 is so broadly written innocent anti-war protesters and Tea Party Groups might be arrested and detained just for attending demonstrations.

Considering how often Sarah Palin defends Free Speech, one can’t help wonder why Palin is helping McCain’s reelection to the U.S. Senate after he introduced possibly the most anti-Free Speech Bill in Modern U.S. History. Perhaps Palin or her Tea Party supporters haven’t considered McCain’s legislation might be used by a corrupt government administration to crush them. Tea Parties might question Palin whether she supports Sen. McCain’s bill the “Enemy Belligerent Interrogation, Detention, and Prosecution Act of 2010.” (S.3081)

Under S.3081, an “individual” need only be Suspected by Government of “suspicious activity” or “supporting hostilities” to be dragged off and held indefinitely in Military Custody. Government will have the power to detain and interrogate any individual without probable cause. Government need only allege an individual kept in detention, is an Unprivileged Enemy Belligerent suspected of; having engaged in hostilities against the United States or its coalition partners; or has purposefully and materially supported hostilities against the United States or its coalition partners. How could one prove to Government they did not purposely do something? “Materially Supporting Hostilities” against the United States could include any person or group that spoke out or demonstrated disapproval against an agency of U.S. Government. It is foreseeable many Americans might go underground to Resist Government Tyranny. Definition for Unprivileged Enemy Belligerent: (Anyone Subject to a Military Commission)

At least under the Patriot Act, law enforcement generally needed probable cause to detain a person indefinitely. Passage of S.3081 will permit government to use “mere suspicion” to curtail an individual’s Constitutional Protections against unlawful arrest, detention and interrogation without benefit of legal counsel and trial. According to S.3081 Government is not required to provide detained individuals U.S. Miranda Warnings or even an attorney.

S.3081 if passed will frighten Americans from speaking out. S.3081 is so broadly written, it appears any “individual” who writes on the Internet or verbally express an opinion against or an entity of U.S. Government or its coalition partners might be detained on the basis he or she is an “unprivileged enemy belligerent”, “supporting hostilities against U.S. Government.”

How might Americans respond should Government use this bill to take away their loved ones, family members and friends on mere suspicion? It is foreseeable McCain’s bill will drive lawful political activists underground, perhaps creating the domestic terrorists McCain said we needed to be protected from.

McCain’s bill mentions “non-violent acts” supporting terrorism in the U.S. and or emanating from America against a Coalition Partner. Non-violent terrorist acts” are covered in the Patriot Act to prosecute Persons that support “coercion to influence a government or intimidation to affect a civilian population.” However, U.S. activists and individuals under S.3081 would be much more vulnerable to prosecution, if (charged with suspicion) of “intentionally providing support to an Act of Terrorism”, for example American activists can’t control what other activists might do illegally—they network with domestically and overseas. Under the Patriot Act, law enforcement generally needs probable cause to detain or prosecute someone. But under S.3081, law enforcement and the military can too easily use (hearsay or informants) to allege “suspicious activity” to detain an individual. It is problematic under S.3081 that detained individuals in the U.S. not involved in terrorism or hostile activities, not given Miranda Warnings or allowed legal counsel will be prosecuted for ordinary crimes because of their alleged admissions while in military custody.

Notably, McCain’s S.3081 mandates (merging) Federal, State and Local Police and subsequently the U.S. Military to detain and hold Individuals in the U.S., even without probable cause.

Historically it is foreseeable under S.3081 that “erroneous informant information” could be used to detain innocent Individuals. Other countries have used lying informants to imprison; even execute political opposition.

Under S.3081 government may use an individual’s phone call and email information to allege without probable cause “suspicious or hostile activity against a U.S. civilian population or the United States to detain Americans.”

(Make Your Own Determination If The Analysis Herein Is Correct) See McCain Senate bill S.3081 at:

FYI: below is enclosed a copy of “Hitler’s Discriminatory Decrees signed February 28, 1933.” Although the Nazi Decrees are written differently than S.3081, the McCain bill could bring America to the same place crushing free speech and personal liberty. Note how the Nazi Government in Section (1) and (4), similar to U.S. S.3081, suspend personal liberty— shutdown Free Speech to intimidate Citizens speaking out against Government:

See Section 1
“Sections 114, 115, 117, 118, 123, 124, and 153 of the Constitution of the German Reich are suspended until further notice. Thus, restrictions on personal liberty, on the right of free expression of opinion, including freedom of the press, on the right of assembly and the right of association, and violations of the privacy of postal, telegraphic, and telephonic communications, and warrants for house-searches, orders for confiscations as well as restrictions on property, are also permissible beyond the legal limits otherwise prescribed.”

Similar to McCain’s S. 3081, but using different wording the Nazi Government in Section (4) see below, suspended Constitutional rights, ordered the arrest of Citizens for any ACT that might incite or provoke disobedience against state authorities. McCain’s S.3081 instead mentions detaining and prosecuting Individuals for “supporting hostilities” against U.S. Government. S.3081 is so broadly written any person or group attending a protest could be arrested without provable cause and detained if government charged a protest-supported hostilities.

See Section 4
Whoever provokes, or appeals for or incites to the disobedience of the orders given out by the supreme state authorities or the authorities subject to then for the execution of this decree, or the orders given by the Reich Government according to Section 2, is punishable—insofar as the deed, is not covered by the decree with more severe punishment and with imprisonment of not less that one month, or with a fine from 150 up to 15,000 Reichsmarks.


Note: Based on translations by State Department, National Socialism, 1942 PP. 215-17, and Pollak, J.K., and Heneman, H.J., The Hitler Decrees, (1934), pp. 10-11.7

In virtue of Section 48 (2) of the German Constitution, the following is decreed as a defensive measure against Communist acts of Violence, endangering the state:

Section 1
Sections 114, 115, 117, 118, 123, 124, and 153 of the Constitution of the German Reich are suspended until further notice. Thus, restrictions on personal liberty, on the right of free expression of opinion, including freedom of the press, on the right of assembly and the right of association, and violations of the privacy of postal, telegraphic, and telephonic communications, and warrants for house-searches, orders for confiscations as well as restrictions on property, are also permissible beyond the legal limits otherwise prescribed.

Section 2
If in a state the measures necessary for the restoration of public security and order are not taken, the Reich Government may temporarily take over the powers of the highest state authority.

Section 4
Whoever provokes, or appeals for or incites to the disobedience of the orders given out by the supreme state authorities or the authorities subject to then for the execution of this decree, or the orders given by the Reich Government according to Section 2, is punishable—insofar as the deed, is not covered by the decree with more severe punishment and with imprisonment of not less that one month, or with a fine from 150 up to 15,000 Reichsmarks.

Who ever endangers human life by violating Section 1, is to be punished by sentence to a penitentiary, under mitigating circumstances with imprisonment of not less than six months and, when violation causes the death of a person, with death, under mitigating circumstances with a penitentiary sentence of not less that two years. In addition the sentence my include confiscation of property.

Whoever provokes an inciter to or act contrary to public welfare is to be punished with a penitentiary sentence, under mitigating circumstances, with imprisonment of not less than three months.

Section 5
The crimes which under the Criminal Code are punishable with penitentiary for life are to be punished with death: i.e., in Sections 81 (high treason), 229 (poisoning), 306 (arson), 311 (explosion), 312 (floods), 315, paragraph 2 (damage to railroad properties, 324 (general poisoning).

Insofar as a more severe punishment has not been previously provided for, the following are punishable with death or with life imprisonment or with imprisonment not to exceed 15 years:

1. Anyone who undertakes to kill the Reich President or a member or a commissioner of the Reich Government or of a state government, or provokes to such a killing, or agrees to commit it, or accepts such an offer, or conspires with another for such a murder;

2. Anyone who under Section 115 (2) of the Criminal Code (serious rioting) or of Section 125 (2) of the Criminal Code (serious disturbance of the peace) commits the act with arms or cooperates consciously and intentionally with an armed person;

3. Anyone who commits a kidnapping under Section 239 of the Criminal with the intention of making use of the kidnapped person as a hostage in the political struggle.

Section 6
This decree enters in force on the day of its promulgation.

Reich President
Reich Chancellor
Reich Minister of the Interior
Reich Minister of Justice

Comment by Dan Scott

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